Galaxy S II vs. iPhone: A Comparison

by BENM.AT Live Coverage

by BENM.AT Live Coverage

Ensuing to the latest trend of technology people are scampering around to own the latest and the coolest gadget in the market today. Whether you are a techno-geek or not but the fact that this new gadgets are so enticing you really will be lured to have one for yourself. However if you are a smart buyer you will never scuttle around like those frenzied teenagers you still have to contemplate which product is better. Due to tough competition each gadget manufacturers are making their product fancier and captivating as well as technologically effective with its different features, functions and efficiency.


Now-a-days when it comes to gadgets there are actually two names considered to be the most illustrious and prominent; these are Samsung Galaxy SII and Apple’s iPhone 4. No wonder it is inevitable for people to compare both products. If you are just an average person with an average income but wants to own one of these hi-tech gadgets you would really go what’s best for you regardless of style, processors and appearance. What you are after is the usability of the product after all they are almost the same only lacking something in some areas. Perhaps it is due to some business protocol or maybe both companies have their own reasons either it is marketing strategy or perhaps business judiciousness.

At present Samsung Galaxy SII is at par better than the iPhone 4 in almost everything not to mention its OS since each of us has our own OS preferences. What we want to know is the area where Samsung Galaxy SII excels. Compared to iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy SII has a 4 inch 480×800 pixels Super-AMOLED larger, improved and colored screen to make it more competent. iPhone 4 on the other hand has 4 inch 640×960 pixels and just a 3.5 inch retina screen covered with a scratch resistant glass.

Other features which make Samsung SII ahead is its weight since it is slim it also means that it is lighter than iPhone 4. Moreover Samsung Galaxy SII has 5 mega pixels camera attached at the back and captures videos at 1080p thus making its imaging better. It also provides a camera in front for video calling purposes. However the camera has no flash or an anti-shake filter unlike iPhone 4 and HD video recording is not included in its features. Despite the fact that iPhone 4 has just 5 mega pixel camera it is also equipped with LED flash with a VGA camera for self-portraits and FaceTime calls. In addition to Samsung Galaxy SII features is its dual core processor with 1GB RAM; it also provides a memory card slot with a TV-out and USB on-the-go.

With all the given details concerning Samsung Galaxy SII you may now have an idea as to which tablet will you prefer to own. However it would be better for you to stick whatever type of gadget you are accustomed to. It would be exhilarating to know that you have the hottest and the most updated gadget in town but if you will be having a hard time getting accustomed to it then better stick to the one you are comfortable to use.