What is the iCloud’s Importance to Apple?

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In June, Apple made an announcement about its new iCloud service. It was officially released at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Its purpose is to assist Apple customers in transferring files among multiple Apple devices including their iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac desktops.

iCloud is the company’s replacement for their current MobileMe service. Currently MobileMe is closed to new subscribers. MobileMe allowed Mac, iPhone, and iPad users to connect their devices and transfer personal data over the Internet. The service allowed users to track their devices online and erase the contents remotely. It also included storage capability including 20 GB for email and files. Users could also transfer up to 200 GB of data each month.

What files does the iCloud service cover?

  • Music
  • Photos
  • Apps
  • Ebooks
  • Address book
  • Documents
  • Apple Calendar and Email

If iCloud can do as it promises then users will be ecstatic. Plus iCloud is offering some advance photo stream options for users that will make transferring their pictures seamless.

iCloud will be a free service offered to Apple customers. This way it encourages people who invest in Apple products to not hesitate to purchase an additional device since content can be easily and freely shared. iCloud can be set up to do automatic syncing to push all a device’s applications and documents onto multiple products.

This could be a relief for owners of multiple devices. MobileMe worked fine to transfer some information like contacts and calendars but syncing data or sharing app and game info, not so much. Also, MobileMe required a paid subscription for a little bit of convenience.

While the basic purpose of iCloud is simple file sharing, the implications for an effective cloud computing service for Apple are promising. Users have been begging for better cloud computing with their favorite electronic devices and there is little that has been disappointing about Apple lately. However, their cloud just wasn’t working and Google has been offering well received cloud computing option – some of them for free.

The strategic release of iCloud will offer Apple fans something they have been waiting for. It will encourage users to purchase multiple devices since the file sharing will be simple. The biggest perk is that the service will be free, no subscriptions. Tech customers are often bombarded with dozens of little fees for this sort of thing and Apple is making iCloud the most appealing by offering it as a perk for customers.

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