How Safe Are Online Gaming Platforms?

by Davide Restivo

With so many stories in the news about online gaming platforms, including Sony’s, being targeted by cyber criminals, it’s no wonder that many people are wondering just how safe they are.

The truth is, no platform, no matter how secure, is completely infallible, and that includes online retailers, and gaming platforms. There are, however, ways that you can protect yourself from being a victim in the case of a cyber attack, and in this article, we look at how.

Never Share Your Login Information

Many people share login information with friends or acquaintances, however, since your payment information is often stored on the platform, this can mean that you are setting yourself up for criminal activity. Even if your friend or acquaintance is trustworthy, they may not be as careful with your information as you are, so it’s best to avoid the problem altogether.

Never Use Links in Emails or Elsewhere

Many online scammers use a method known as phishing to gain personal information. The process usually starts with an email, which can look entirely legitimate, but sends you to a ‘cloned’ site. There, hackers will capture your information, and be free to do with it as they please.

Change Your Password Regularly

There are passwords that are considered ‘unhackable.’ They’re usually passwords that include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. However, while they are difficult to crack, there are certain programs, known as key loggers, which can still send your information to cyber criminals. Make sure you scan your computer regularly; with up to date anti virus software, and that you change your password regularly.

Consider a Prepaid Card

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself, even if your online gaming account is hacked, is to use a prepaid card to process payments. That way, even if your card information is captured, criminals will not be able to draw more than you’ve loaded on your card. Many banks and other institutions offer prepaid debit cards, that work exactly like credit cards, but where you control how much is on the card.

There are no completely safe online gaming platforms, just as there is no absolute certainty when you purchase or pay for any goods or services online. However, there are always steps you can take to ensure that you stay safe online.

Follow these tips, and always exercise caution when choosing and using online gaming services or any other paid for services online, and you should be fine.

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Author: taylor