– One Company’s Answer to the Dangers of Craigslist

by screenshot is a free online classifieds website hoping to be what Craigslist is not – safe. SafeList is modeling the classic classfieds website with opportunities to barter, sell or meet people. However, SafeList verifies the identities of all of the site’s users. This is not just for individuals posting classified ads, but also for users interested in posting or communicating with other users on the site.


The most popular online classified website today is Craigslist, hands down. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know whom to trust on this site. There are plenty of scam artists working the Craigslist site. Some of them are as harmless as spam email senders and others are looking to con or harm people in various ways. Craigslist requires users to meet up to make the exchange – making it a great avenue to falsify information. Some posting areas of the site are completely free which is even more tempting to scam and con artists.

How does it work? SafeList uses software that has access to both private and public information. The site prefers not to release the specifics of what they use since this could encourage individuals to hack into the system. They do state that the software is close to what creditors use to verify identify. The site owners have revealed that they do not have access to a user’s credit information since they do not ask for or collect social security numbers. They utilize the public database, LexisNexis, to gain much of their verified information. SafeList also searching the National Criminal Records database as well.

The site has various membership levels. Gold Members are the safest since they have the highest verification possible. This means the site has managed to confirm the poster’s identity and they have a clear background check. Silver Members have the identify verification but not the background check. Basic Members are merely visitors until they at least the identify verification required to use the site. Basic Members are restricted from being able to contact other users. Membership is free.

Currently, has only been launched in San Diego, California. They are testing the market in that city before expanding into the rest of the country. The top 25 US markets can expect to have access to SafeList next.

If the idea of SafeList appeals to you but you are not in the San Diego area, check out their blog SafeBlog to keep up to date on announcements and safety tips. There is plenty of information on staying safe in San Diego but there are also posts on keeping your Facebook page information safe and tips for parents dealing with Cyberbulling.

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