Jailbreakme (jailbreaking the iPhone/ipad via web site)

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Jailbreaking a phone or any other device simply means that the user have installed another small application or program that has the capability of removing some or all the restrictions that were in the device’s default software or operating system. When jailbreaking an iPhone or ipad, the jailbroken device will be able to run extensions and even applications (tweaks and themes) that are not even approved by the makers of the device, Apple. Jailbreaking can be done offline or even online. The Jailbreakme is a web site that is used to jailbreak iPhones and ipads online.

Is Jailbreaking illegal or does it slow down my iPhone or ipad?

In the United States, Jailbreaking or cellphones and the iPhone is legal. It was legalized in 2010 by the US congress following the CDMA exemption. Contrary to some popular beliefs, jailbreaking any device does not make that device slower. Also one is still able to continue buying applications from the Apple store. The major advantage is that the person will now be able to use and install applications that have not even been accepted or are unavailable in the Apple App Store.

Reversibility of JailbreakMe: It is very important to note that jailbreaking can be undone easily by restoring your device to its original setting from the manufacturer.

Does jailbreaking affect my device’s security? The actual process of jailbreaking will not in any way affect the security of your device or make it vulnerable to security threats. However, if one installs OpenSSH after jailbreaking their devices, it is very important for them to change the password because failure to do so will mean that anyone can connect to your device or log in to it when you are online surfing.

Benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone or ipad: When one jailbreaks their iPhone or ipad, their devices can be used with various carriers apart from Verizon and AT&T. One can also be able to customize the device’s gadget’s interfaces that are not accepted by the Apple App Store.

Biggest concern about JailbreakingMe: It is very important to be very careful about the applications that you install on your device after jailbreaking it. Some of the applications have been disapproved by the Apple App Store due to the fact that they are security risks to phones. Before one installs an application or an iOS modification patch, they should make sure that it won’t harm their device.


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