Xmarks – Bookmark synchronization across multiple browsers with the cloud

You may have been in trouble when you purchased a brand new PC, were provided with one in a new environment, or had to reinstall an operating system. Xmarks will be an incredible service to help you rebuild your usual working environment.

What is Xmarks?

Xmarks synchronizes your bookmarks (favorites) and passwords across multiple computers and browsers.

It has been drawing attention as a social bookmark service for Firefox that shows how other users rate websites you searched for and how many users have bookmarked them.

Xmarks launched it add-on for Firefox “Foxmarks” in 2006 prior to ones for other browsers, and has become one of the most famous bookmark sync services.

It now supports multiple browsers and manages in the cloud bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers and browsers.

Xmarks was bought out by LastPass in December 2010 when it was in danger of terminating the free provision of the service.

It seems that the two are going to be managed separately for a while, but these services are going to be integrated in the future. Let’s see how attractive the services will be after integration.


This is how it works – First you save your login ID and password in the cloud, and then enter the login information on another PC or browser. Now you can synchronize bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers and browsers. That means you can keep the same set of bookmarks in different environments such as your house and working place.

I use Xmarks to synchronize my bookmarks across a total of 4 browsers on 3 PCs. When I register a bookmark on a browser, it will be saved in the cloud server. Then, when I open another browser, I can see the new bookmark.

Have you ever experienced trouble with bookmarking, for example, your PC needs a system re-installment and you have to set your bookmarks again. It is a hassle to manually manage a set of bookmarks you may have spent a long period of time building. This service allows you to recover your normal environment quickly.

The service supports 4 major browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with bookmarks synchronized between Mac and Windows. You can also synchronize your settings on IE (via iTunes) and Safari for iPhone

Major functions

Bookmark sync

For bookmark synchronization across multiple PCs, you should download the bookmarks you have saved online.

Bookmarks you have deleted or edited are stored online. You can restore bookmarks you have deleted, and also your registered bookmarks are accessible at the Xmarks website. On top of that, Xmarks provides users with services for mobiles; apps for iPhone and iPod touch are available.

Open tab sync

Tab sync lets you synchronize open tabs across browsers and PCs. It will be a useful optional function for you if you tend to leave open tabs unchecked.

Even if you close a browser with some tabs open, you can still access them from another PC.

Password sync

This optional function lets you synchronize your password information.

This function will be more sophisticated in collaboration with LastPass.

Other than these major functions, there are some more only for Firefox, for example, social bookmark service.

Xmarks highlights the top 3 sites in your Google search results based on how other users have bookmarked and rated them. You can access the information of the websites, number of the bookmark users, user reviews, related topics, etc. Xmarks also allows you to tag your bookmarks and share them with your family and friends.

If you have not tried bookmark management with the cloud, I hope this will be a great opportunity.

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