Google Swiffy

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Many people have had a problem opening flash file on devices that do not support flash file or browser that do not have the capability. Most browsers do not have the flash player plugins and one is always required to download and install the required plugins in order to open a flash file. All this is about to change since Google have introduced a new converter that convert SWF file to HTML5 files that can be viewed using any modern browsers.

The story behind the creation of Google Swiffy: The creation of the Google Swiffy converter started from an engineering intern called Pieter Senster. This intern became part of a mobile marketing and advertising group that wanted to explore they could display animations created using Flash on gadgets that were not compatible with the Flash player by Adobe. It is from this initiative that goggle hired Pieter to form a team that later created the Google Swiffy converter.

Swiffy Version one available: The first ever version of the new Google Swiffy is now available on the Google Labs. The new revolutionary converter can be used by its users to upload files that are in the SWF format and the Google Swiffy can be used to convert the file to it equivalent version in HTML5. The HTML5 files can be viewed using any of the most modern web browsers whose level of support is high. Examples of such web browsers are safari and Google chrome. The Google Swiffy is still in its early development stages and therefore may not be able to convert all types and formats of flash files. The only slight disadvantage of the new Google Swiffy is the fact that the new file in HTML5 format is a little bit bigger than the original Flash file.

How Swiffy converts SWF files to HTML5 files: Google Swiffy uses a representation of animation that is compact JSON. This converter then uses SVG, CSS3 and also a small bit of HTML5 during the rendering process. Another object that is present in JSON is the ActionScript 2.0 which can easily be interpreted using the JavaScript capabilities of most recent browsers. Due to these representations, the new converted Swiffy animations are as compact as were the SWF files. The Swiffy animation benefit from advancements in 2D graphics (and hardware accelerated) browsers and also the Speed in JavaScript executions.

Conclusion: Google Swiffy it bound to be one of the most used converters for converting Flash file to HTML5 files. Once a beta version of the converter is available, it is expected that Swiffy will be able to convert all flash file to HTML5.


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