What is Twilio?

by www.twilio.com screendhot

Twilio is a web-based communications company. It has created a way for individuals and businesses to utilize pay as you go communication services. This enables users to make and receive calls and text messages from a computer program. Twilio does this as a cloud communications company that works to assist other companies to build web based communication possibilities.

Twilio is a web API, Application Programming Interface, that acts as a doorway between individuals and controlled web data. It is set up to allow users to access the information they need and nothing else. The real benefit behind Twilio is the ability for web designers to easily integrate telephone options into their apps. The company also feels it is important to bring together the modern breakthroughs of cloud computing, telecommunications, and web services.

The Twilio brand currently has over 20,000 customers including Cheetos, Tumblr, Sony Music and FastSociety. It was created by a group of web developers looking to design apps with the capacity to interact with phones. Twilio is the answer to that dilemma. Before Twilio, developers had to learn new software/hardware to answer this need. Twilio allows these same developers to build voice and SMS message apps with platforms they are already familiar with. Today there are over 40,000 different web developers creating apps so the Twilio community is huge.

Understanding the potential to branch out to new web developer clients, Twilio has partnered with freelance design, Odesk. Odesk works to bring together jobs and experienced freelance workers. The Twilio-Odesk partnership will encourage and promote developers to create Twilio apps as a sound way of making a lving.

Based in San Francisco, California, Twilio is a pay as you go company. It was created in 2007 by three guys: Jeff Lawson, Evan Cooke PhD, and John Wolthuis. The company has managed to raise nearly $16 million in funding although the company has not yet become profitable.

In June, Twilio lowered the price of their SMS messages from two cents to one cent per message sent. No reason has been stated for this sudden price decrease.

Recently, the company has gotten into some legal trouble as users begin to file lawsuits stating that Twilio has some responsibility for mobile spam messages sent using their service.

Twilio has announced their own annual conference is to be held in late September. It will be the first ever Twilio user conference. The company also launched their own charity, called the Twilio Fund.

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