Apigee To-Go – online tool to try various APIs

各種 API を試用できるオンラインツール「Apigee To-Go」

APIs are nowadays vital for the development of web services and derivative software such as Twitter clients and Facebook apps. I would like to introduce to you Apigee, a useful tool for your development with APIs.

Apigee was originally a service that monitored the load induced by API, which has been adopted mainly by media and financial industries.

Apigee uses a proxy mechanism to monitor excessive calls and delays. (See also this article by TechCrunch.)

The service cannot only monitor but debug, and it has spun off into Apigee To-Go, a tool with a browser-like UI from which users can view APIs. It is available for everyone, and registered users can create their own console. You do not need to register if you only want to try APIs.

Let’s get started with Twitter API. Twitter API Console

To check user information, just click “users/show” located under “User” category in the sidebar.

select a function

Easy access from the sidebar

Now the address bar displays the URL of the API. Rename {screen_name} and select a method.(GET has been selected in the following image.)

Apigee shows the results including the response header.

Codes are easy to view as they are already formatted.

Codes are discribed with different colors and line breaks – easy to view

Apigee also features Oauth authentication function for APIs that require authentication concerning login and protected users in twitter. Click the lock icon on the left end of the address bar.

Apigee features Authentication function

The supported APIs include Facebook, Bing, Foursquare, PayPal (Sandbox) as well as Twitter. You can switch by clicking the icon which shows the currently selected API. The option “Others” lets you use most APIs by manually typing the URL of the API.

Example of Gravatar API

Apigee To-Go helps you learn and use your API more easily than most browsers do, useful for your development with APIs.

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