Windows Marketplace Hits 30,000 Apps

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According to the private tool, Windows Phone Applist, the Windows Marketplace has officially reached 30,000 apps. Windows Phone Applist has been keeping tabs on Windows Phone 7 activity and has been tracking the new apps as they are released. This is quite a feat for an operating system that hasn’t even reached its first birthday. It doesn’t look to slow down anything soon either, as new apps are being added every day. On average, there are around 180 new apps unloaded to the Windows Marketplace daily.


Microsoft’s main mobile competitors, Apple and Android, have much larger numbers but they have been on the market longer. Currently, Apple has over 500,000 apps for the App Store and the Android Marketplace is sporting over 200,000. Even though the Windows Marketplace has a ways to go to catch up, industry insiders say that their apps are growing nearly as fast as Apple’s did back when they first opened the App Store and on par with Google’s Android app growth. Android took around 10 months to reach the 30,000 app milestone, according to TechCrunch. Apple did the same in 8 short months.


The first Windows devices launched back in October 2010 with only 1,000 apps to its name. By April 2011, the number had already grown to 15,000. More than 8,000 developers have worked on these Windows apps and more is expected with webOS developers shopping around for new work. Since HP killed the webOS platform this summer, developers need a new platform to build for and Windows is a great market for that type of work. The apps by category include around 17% games, 14% sports, and 14% books and reference apps. Around 47% of the apps offered at the Windows Marketplace are free to download and use.


Statistics show that Windows phones add up to around 2% of the smartphone market as a whole. Currently, Android holds the trophy with 52% of the market with its affordable devices and Apple holds 29% with the iPhone and iPad army. This number should increase as more devices are released using the Windows OS platform. Microsoft is rumored to being releasing new devices in September, including some pieces with both Samsung and HTC cell phone manufacturers.


All 30,000 apps will also run on Window’s new Mango platform. Mango will be the first major upgrade for Windows phone users with over 500 new improvements to Windows 7.

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