Linux – Is it better than Windows?

Linux is an open source operating system unlike Windows that is a closed source operating system. The difference between open source and closed source is that the Linux code is open for all to see and change according to their own requirements while the source code for Windows operating system is open for only a few people. The access to source code of Linux opens it up for potential malware programmers to create malware, but it also opens up the possibility that the solution to such malwares is created more rapidly as well.


No Licensing and Free to use

Since Linux is an open source operating system, there is nothing that restricts the installation of a single Linux operating system copy to be installed on several computers. This is the opposite for Windows which legally restricts the installation of a single operating system copy to only one PC.

Command Line Interface

Linux also has a text based CLI (Command Line Interface) that is as useful as its GUI. This CLI allows a user more control of the executions and provides them with stronger tools to perform different functions. This is because no matter how much the GUI becomes advanced, certain features and tools of CLI cannot be replaced by the GUI. CLI allows codes to be written that can perform specialized tasks of a particular user. These scripts can then be run to relieve us of a lot of effort.


Another thing about Linux is that it has been basically designed to run on multi user systems, therefore security and privacy is an important factor in the Operating System. This is the reason that the Linux operating system is very secure, and protects your computer from intruders as compared to Windows where a fully working anti-virus and a strong firewall are a must. Another feature in Linux is that there is a root user that is privileged user and certain functions like installation can be done only by logging in as the root user.


Linux environment is highly customizable and can be altered to the liking of the user.  The system can also be manipulated to work best according to the hardware connected to your system providing high efficiency within your resources.

A hard learning Curve

The only problem with Linux is that it requires the user to be knowledgeable to a certain extent to reap the benefits of the Linux Operating System. This is the only problem of the Linux operating system that makes it less popular with the beginners and it is for this very reason that Windows is preferred over Linux by a lot of users.


There are many things that make Linux better than Windows but it comes at a price. If you are ready to put some effort into it, the reward is yours for the taking; otherwise you should better opt for Microsoft’s OS.


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