Lego Releases iPhone App Game

by screenshot

In a world where everything is going mobile, popular toy company Lego has designed its own app for the iPhone. With Lego having so much success in the video game market, it just makes sense for the brick developer to get its feet wet in the new frontier of video games, mobile gaming.

The new Lego app will be called Life of George. The point of the game is for players to build small scale brick models with their Lego sets. Once satisfied with the end result, people will take a picture of the model with their iPhone’s camera. The game’s main character, George, is a software engineer who offers players objects that need to be recreated with real Lego bricks. Players get score on the accuracy of the model and the speed of which it is completed.

Of course, it’s not a game without some type of progression element. The different ways for players to score is also a game tool as it gives the player the ability to unlock other parts of the games and advance to higher levels. The game currently has a dozen levels, each focused on a different travel destination for George. The models needed for each level will be related, in some way, to the place the game has traveled to. Players have the option of playing alone or going head to head with someone next to them using pass and play gaming.

There is another gaming aspect of Life of George, which gives users the ability to create their own designs. This part of the game is called Creation mode. Both the Game and Creation modes can be played as either a novice or a Lego expert.

Because of the social network component of app gaming, Life of George has a recommendation of at least 14 years of age to play. Showing the company’s grasp of social media, George has his own YouTube channel and Facebook page. These tools actively encouraged Lego lovers to create and upload their own how-to and tip videos regarding building Lego models.

The cost of the app game is great – since it is available for free on the iPhone. However, to play gamers will need to purchase the physical Life of George Lego game set. The games set includes the bricks needed to play and the Playmat – both need for scoring purposes. The game was made available via the Lego website on October 1st for the low price of $29.99.

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