Google TV version 2

Google TV 2.0


Like anything major announced by tech giant Google, the introduction of the Google TV platform received plenty of attention and raised lots of speculation about the future of television. Unfortunately for Google, the first iteration of Google TV received considerably less fanfare than Google would have liked. Not being a company to give up easily, Google is back with Google TV 2.0, which has both improved several features as well as proving that Google may be in the television market to stay.

New User Interface

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Google TV system is a vastly improved user interface. The old interface hogged much of the screen and just looked bulky. The new interface takes an Apple style approach and positions the UI as a bar at the bottom of the screen, conveniently out of the way, but still convenient.

New Search Feature

The first Google TV platform included a search feature, which is essential when it comes to finding online content of any kind, but in version 2, the feature is greatly improved. Now users can search in specific categories as well as specify particular desires such as video quality, air dates, price and several other options. Another interesting aspect of the search is its use of online trending to recommend content for you to view. If lots of people are tweeting about a particular show, you’ll get an alert.

Better Support for Android Apps

Since Android’s primary function is as an operating system for smartphones, there are obviously a ton of apps that have no place in the Google TV realm. However, as the Google TV platform grows in popularity you can be assured of a rich landscape of Android apps just for it. Google TV version 2 is ready for this and even filters apps in the Android Market that are compatible with Google TV. Given the popularity of apps of every type imaginable, this may turn out to be Google TV’s most useful and popular feature as well as its saving grace.

Improved YouTube Viewing

Anyone paying attention to Google is aware of their recently renewed emphasis on quality content for YouTube, going as far as to hire mainstream film and television producers to create YouTube content. The new Google TV is ready to take advantage of this. The Android YouTube app for GTV greatly increases video load times. The goal, as Google explains it, it to make switching between YouTube videos similar to switching between channels on a regular television.

Thought there are certainly opponents and several TV industry companies are still not signing on, Google seems to be making the statement that Google TV is here to stay. When a company with the know-how, cash, resources and innovation that Google has decides to do something, it usually gets done.

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