5 Amazing Arduino projects

by tobiastoft

There are just so many possibilities when it comes to interesting projects to make that utilize the Arduino microcontroller that is can be hard to figure out what to build. Here are a few of the more interesting and useful projects that you can start considering, once your Arduino skills are up to par.

LED Pong Game

Once upon a time, Pong was a cutting edge video game designed by the industry’s top experts. Decades later, Arduino gives you the capability to make a similar game using a few led lights, a wood box, a couple of outdated video game controllers and a few other minor electronic components. Arduino’s number one feature is its easy, but feature rich programming software platform. This allows you to easily program in the necessary commands to create the Pong balls and paddles and provide instructions for how they should behave.


Radio Controlled Lawnmower

Remote controls are a common device created using the Arduina microcontroller so it’s only reasonable that an innovating should incorporate the concept into something truly worthwhile. And what is more worthwhile than remotely controlling a battery powered lawnmower. By adding a set of electric wheelchair wheels to the business end of a lawnmower, adding a radio controlled transceiver and a motor controller linked to the Arduino, you can sit back in your lawn chair and propel the tool around the yard, while you stay cool in the shade. This is not a project for beginners, but it’s a great project to motivate you to strive to improve your skills.



Coffee Maker

If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, you can buy a coffee pot that can do everything just short of solving linear equations. But if you have a little skill with the Arduino, you can create your own smart coffee pot that will have the features you want, without shelling out hundreds of dollars. Using the Arduino, a few temperature sensors, a digital display and a few other miscellaneous relays and electronic bits and pieces, you can turn your coffee maker into the most powerful electronic device in your kitchen. This may not win you a Nobel prize, but it will at least be something you will enjoy and find useful.



Radio Controlled Flying Objects

Arduino controlled flying devices have become one of the most prolific inventions for dedicated Arduino tinkerers. You can find plans and kits for everything from a radio controlled toy helicopter to a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle. Recently, an Arduino controlled blimp was shot down when a glitch in a firmware update caused it to venture a little too close to some political heavyweights.





Beer Security System

If you’ve been experiencing mysteriously disappearing beverages from your refrigerator, there is an Arduino project that can help. With the help of a few RFID chips, you can use Arduino to create an access and inventory control system for your refrigerator. Once the system is programmed and installed, only those with the necessary keyfob will be able to gain entry; another victory for Arduino.



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