Apple Testing 8 Inch iPad Says WSJ

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We’ve been hearing quite a lot recently about an iPad smaller than the original. Apple is yet to confirm anything regards to this, but with the ongoing success of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has a 7-inch screen, Apple would be foolish enough not to tread these waters before the company is shut out by the competition. There is some good news however, according to the boys over at the Wall Street Journal, Apple is in the process of testing a smaller iPad which has screen size around 8-inches, awesome? You can bet on it.

Hey, I know that you’re excited out of your very mind at the moment, but you may need to hold back your inner Spartan for little bit. An Asian manufacturer gave this information to the WSJ, however, the 8-inch iPad design could just be a prototype Apple is working on that might never see the light of day outside the testing labs. If anyone remembers correctly, Steve Jobs once shot down the idea of an iPad smaller than the current version, but who knows, now the man is dead anything is possible, right? Right!

The tablet market is taking a different turn, consumers are finding interest in smaller screen tablets, and so whatever Apple may or may not believe in, the company must fill the needs of those consumers who would prefer not to walk around with a brick. A 7 or 8-inch iPad at a cheaper price than the normal9.7-inch display iPad would send the market into a frenzy, which would ultimately put competitors in a tough position to keep up. Imagine, if competitors are having a hard time now trying to compete with Apple’s line of iPad products, what would happen if an 8-inch iPad ever make it to the market? Total destruction.

Some analysts suggest that if Apple made the move to a smaller screen iPad, it would result in hardware fragmentation. Sure, that would definitely happen, but on the other hand; Apple does not have a choice. Eventually, the vast amount of Android manufactures will find a way to counterattack Apple. Moreover, if that’s not enough, who can forget Windows 8 tablets which are slated for release this year. Windows 8 could be the main problem for Apple in the tablet arena in 2012, so the company should not just play with the idea of a smaller iPad, it needs to put pen to paper and get this thing into the manufacturing plants.

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    Apple Testing 8 Inch iPad Says WSJ

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