Mozilla Working On Firefox Browser Application For Windows 8 Metro

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It is apparent to everyone who follows the browser wars that Firefox is falling behind rapidly, but that is not stopping Mozilla from trying to regain marketshare and bring some well needed competition to the likes of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. To one of the ways Mozilla plans on doing this is to release a version of Firefox that will work in harmony with Windows 8 Metro User Interface.

This is great news for both Windows 8 Metro and Mozilla. Windows 8 Metro can only succeed if developers come aboard, and Mozilla can only succeed with Firefox if the company can get the falling giant on every platform possible. We are not sure what the plans are for Firefox Metro, but if you look back at Firefox for Android tablets, you might get an idea of what Mozilla is planning.

The first version of Firefox Metro is expected in Q2 of 2012 according to Mozilla’s own website, which posted a Firefox roadmap for 2012.

“In order to deliver a compelling Firefox for Windows 8 Metro experience, we need to understand what’s possible. A technology proof of concept is the first step. This is not a Alpha or a Beta, but should demonstrate the feasibility of Firefox in Windows 8 Metro.”

Such are the words from Firefox’s roadmap. A beta version of Firefox Metro would be a boon for Mozilla and what is left of the dying Firefox fanboys. If Mozilla can bring to the table something that is far greater than IE10 Metro, then there might be life in the old fox yet. If you have used Windows 8 Developer Preview, you would know what a great and simplistic browser IE10 Metro is, something that we hope would be introduced to the full blown browser on the desktop.

The Firefox Metro application as you might expect, will be touchscreen friendly, as do all applications that are coming for Metro. Since Mozilla already have extensive experience building Firefox for touchscreen devices such as Android tablets, it shouldn’t be too hard to get Firefox up and running on Metro. Knowing Mozilla, the first Beta is going to be a bug infested hell hole, so when it comes, you might want to take a little bit of precautions before going on ahead.

Overall, we are happy to see Firefox making waives to return to where it once was. For Mozilla’s sake, let’s hope Google takes a while to optimize Chrome for Metro, or else everything that is being worked on at this very moment could be all for nothing.

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    Mozilla Working On Firefox Browser Application For Windows 8 Metro

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