Apple Lost Class Action Lawsuit Regards To Antennagate

Author: Arslanniamat

What do we have here. Ladies and gentlemen, remember the antenna problem that plagued the iPhone 4? Well, at the time some consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, now the ruling has been handed down and as it turns out, Apple lost, but what cost. The few consumers who chose not to collect one of the free iPhone 4 cases Apple gave away, or even to buy one, today won their lawsuit only to find out that each of them can only walk away with $15.

After all the months of fighting, $15 is all they can get, or instead, the same iPhone 4 case they refused to buy. I would be really distraught if I only have the chance to get $15 or a case in a class action lawsuit against Apple. But hey, let’s be honest here for a bit, this lawsuit was pointless and was never going to go far. You either hold your phone differently, get a case, or throw it away. I should also mention that was giving a full refund to those who did not want their iPhone 4S, so why didn’t these guys just give in and take their monies back.

Luckily for Apple, the iPhone 4S is without such flaws. If the company had released another iPhone with the same problem, other class action lawsuits could have been more on the side of the consumers where huge money payouts is the order of the day.

We also understand that there’s a website called, this where you would go if you want a quick $15, or an iPhone 4 case. The website is not up and running at the moment, but it should be in a couple of days

The way I see it, they don’t even deserve a settlement. They had the choice to return their iPhone for a refund, yet they refused in order to try and get a large amount from Apple. How ironic that these guys are only set to get $15, and the fact that the lawsuit began in 2010, makes this a thing of legends.

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    Apple Lost Class Action Lawsuit Regards To Antennagate

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