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Author: Occasional Gamer

Since I have moved on from MobileTopSoft, I haven’t been writing much about Windows Phone 7 applications. However, I came across a game about a week ago, and to be honest with you, I didn’t expect much of it. I jumped in expecting to play a game filled with boredom; a game I would stop playing in less than five minutes, but that wasn’t to be the case with this badboy. The game in the spotlight today is called Paradox Exit, and it is about a curious fellow called Toby who loves to touch the big red button.

Paradox Exit is game where you control Toby, a dude who pressed the big red button and got transported to a place in space filled with mazes and boxes. What I like about this game is the fact that almost everything is destructible, call it mini Battlefield 3 if you want. To escape, Toby must first find a warp gate to get to the next level. To do this, each level has an exit; you can find the location to the exit on the mini map. There are also a series of big red boxes, destroy them and you will collect stars, along with a cash bonus.

Author: Occasional Gamer

Movement in Paradox Exit is pretty simple, just tap anywhere on the screen to have Toby going on his long journey home. We like the jetpack, flying around enables Toby to reach hard to get to places, along with jumping over deadly spinning killing things. The first time you give Paradox Exit a run you will begin to have that Retro feel. The game does look and feel like games we’ve played on the old Amiga video game systems, and that’s a huge plus within itself.

At the bottom of the screen, there you will notice your vital health bar, weapons, cash, jetpack juice, and a mini map for the current level. Toby comes strapped with two weapons like a bawse, one that has a long range but doesn’t do much damage, while the other can only shoot at close targets with a damage double that of the your weaker weapon. I love busting these guns man, nothing more satisfying than popping a cap in the face of some strange looking alien creature trying to kill me.

There are over 50 deadly creatures in this game, and they tend to appear out of nowhere, which can make you want to rip your hair out. Sometimes you would be caught trapped in a hole, and out of nowhere, a creature teleports above. You best be quick on your fingers, because before you know it, aliens be closing in on you faster than Superman. In addition, if you think hiding behind boxes can save you, think again dude, these aliens can break through any box just like Toby.

Author: Occasional Gamer

Another thing we like about this game, is the way the environment changes. Sometimes gravity will change and you will find yourself going up instead of down, another time, there are earthquakes and whatnot. I have to give kudos to the developer, dude, you’ve created a great game here, a game that deserves to be a paid title. And how about making it Xbox Live compatible so players can cash in on some achievements? That would be nice. Not pressuring at all, but seriously, get it done or else.

Paradox Exit is not an easy game to play, it is challenging, addictive, entertaining, and downright one of the best games for Windows Phone. The only problem I had is the lack of a level an end level boss, what a treat it would have been to fight giant something before you can get to the exit.

Overall, Paradox Exit is great. So far I have chipped in over 5hrs of game time, that alone should prove how awesome this title is. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, Paradox Exit is one of those must have games.

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