Leaked Screenshot Said To Be That Of Google Drive

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There have been a lot of talks lately about the infamous Google Drive that could never seem to be confirmed by Google, despite more than over a year of rumors. Today, what appears to be a leaked image of the service, all blurred out in certain areas, as you would expect from things like this. We can’t be certain if this leaked picture truly depicts what Google Drive would look like if it were real, but nevertheless, we dig the look.

At closer inspection, you will realize that the supposedly leaked Google Drive picture looks similar to that of Google Docs in almost every way possible, which is not entirely surprising seeing as users have the option to upload any files they wish to the service. We guess by allowing the upload of not only document files, Google was preparing for the launch of its Google Drive service, that’s if the thing is even real in the first place. It isn’t that difficult for anyone to use Photoshop and create a fake picture that looks like something legitimate, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

On the matter of the image, a reader who claimed that Google Drive has been activated on his Google Account gave it to geekwire. We can’t tell for sure if this person is lying or not, however, we should know the whole truth if no other Google user reports on Google Drive popping up in their account. This could never be happening to one person, heck, I’m about to check my Google account right now.

As expected, I didn’t come across anything, but then again, I’m not that lucky. Take another look at the leaked image, what do you see? There’s an option to install Google Drive, we guess this is for helping with easier uploads and most importantly, syncing files across multiple devices. There is also the Google Drive logo, a simple design that truly screams Google, so maybe there is a chance of this being real.

If ever Google Drive should turn out to be more than a dream, the service would compete directly with the likes of Apple’s iCloud, DropBox, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Like Google Docs, Google Drive is expected to have a free storage for the general user, but for those who want more, they will have to pay for some extra storage space. Hopefully the price is reasonable, having said that though, I might never use the service much whenever it is released because I’m an avid SkyDrive person.

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