Microsoft Confirmed SkyDrive Leaked Reports

Recently we reported on some leaked SkyDrive information that was rumored to be in the pipeline, now guess what? Microsoft went ahead and confirm some of what we spoke about in the leaked documents and images. Seeing Microsoft confirming some of these new features that are expected to make their way to SkyDrive in time for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched on the 29th of February.

Microsoft elaborated in a blog post on MSDN a few days ago about its plans for SkyDrive, and if you ask us, we are overly excited about the future of SkyDrive and the new features it will bring to the table. The good thing about all this is the fact that SkyDrive will be a part of Windows 8’s DNA due in part to the Metro styled application Microsoft is working on for the new platform. If you take a nosedive into Windows 8 on the 29th, you will see what we are talking about, the experience should be much better than using SkyDrive through the browser.

We recently reviewed Windows Live Mesh where we talked about remotely accessing and syncing files across multiple PCs. This feature will come to SkyDrive, and because of this, Windows Live Mesh will be brought to its end. There is a slight difference in how SkyDrive will remote sync your files, unlike Windows Live Mesh where you can sync and access your computers without the cloud, it won’t be the same here. Everything must first pass through SkyDrive, that means, if you plan to sync a file between multiple PC for remote access, that file will be stored on SkyDrive and that is where your PCs will get it.

Microsoft went further to  talk about the SkyDrive Metro styled application for Windows 8. The application is built around HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other modern web technologies which developers have come to love over the years. Because of its touch centric behavior, SkyDrive Metro is of course the better version when compared to SkyDrive on the web, however, Microsoft plans to make both versions the same in functionality so that users won’t find a difference in either.

Finally, Microsoft mentioned the SkyDrive desktop client for Windows 7, and Windows Vista. Sadly for the Mac users, no mention of a client for your platform as of yet. The Windows 7 and Vista version of the client will not be up to scratch since it will not be built into the OS. The reason being, the Metro UI is not present here, and the experience will not be as smooth as SkyDrive Metro in Windows 8. However, it will be a good enough client for those who would rather do away with Windows 8 in favor of Windows 7 or Vista. For the Windows XP users, it is time to upgrade guys, seriously, the OS id old and is in no way better than Windows 7. Even Linux distros are now better than Windows XP, and that is saying a lot right there.

That’s it folks, SkyDrive is coming along fine. It will be interesting to see how other competing cloud solution providers respond to Microsoft’s efforts. Stay tuned here, we’ll have more information regarding SkyDrive and Windows 8 as we get it.

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    Microsoft Confirmed SkyDrive Leaked Reports

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