More Leaked Upcoming SkyDrive Features Will Get You Excited

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Hooray for more news about SkyDrive. Recently we talked about a leaked screenshot showing off some of the things Microsoft is supposedly working on for it, but that doesn’t seem to be all of it according to what we are seeing right now. SkyDrive has been around for a long time, obviously Microsoft should have been a leader in the Cloud Storage space, instead, the company waited until the competition surpassed SkyDrive before it took action.

Let’s get down to what we have learned from the awesome guys over at who got tipped on some hot new features coming to SkyDrive this year, hopefully just in time for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is expected to make its debut on February 29th.

For those who prefer alternative document formats instead of Microsoft’s own, you should be happy to know that SkyDrive will soon support Open Document files such as .odt, .odp, and .ods among others. This is a good move by Microsoft if it wants to draw users away from Google Docs since it supports a plethora of open formats. With this, you can even select the default document format if you so wish, excited yet? We’re just at the tip of the iceberg here.

Are you one of those persons who want to use SkyDrive, but can’t due to the 50MB file limit imposed by Microsoft? Your frustration is coming to an end. Microsoft plans on increasing the upload file limit to 300MB, which should put it on par with DropBox.

Next we have BitLocker key management. If you use the BitLocker Encryption service in Windows 7, you would find that there is no easy way to save your key so that you can retrieve it if anything bad should happen. Yes, the option to save your key to removable media is there, but what if you should lose removable media, what then? Luckily, Microsoft seems to have everything all planned out. Coming in the new SkyDrive update, is the ability to save your BitLocker key in the cloud so you can gain access to it whenever you like.

If you have seen our Windows Live Mesh review, you would see the part where we mentioned that if Microsoft plans to come with a SkyDrive client for Windows and Mac, then Mesh would go the way of the DoDo bird. It seems we were right on the money, because the SkyDrive client will allow users to browse their computers remotely via the SkyDrive web interface.

Other features include direct share to Twitter, and a URL shortening service. All that is needed right now is for Microsoft to bring Metro to SkyDrive, and the death of other competing cloud storage services would be imminent.

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    More Leaked Upcoming SkyDrive Features Will Get You Excited

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