Review: Platronics BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth Headset

Platronics BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I have been using the Platronics BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth Headset for over two weeks now, and I have to say, it is amazing. The BackBeat line of Platronics Bluetooth Stereo Headset devices have been around for quite some time, the BackBeat 903+ came out in 2010 and up to this day, it still performs as a 2012 product.

First thing you will notice when looking at the BackBeat 903+ is its design. The device is designed to fit in and over your ear from behind your head, and personally, I found it to be comfortable, despite that however,  their is a problem with the cord that cannot go unnoticed. The cord that joins both headphones together sometimes feels uncomfortable when I have to turn my head from left to right. On many occasions, it rubbed on my neck, a feeling that gets annoying over time because it forces you to be adjusting the cord only to have the problem arise again. It would have been better if there was an option to adjust the length of the cord, this would have made it more comfortable to wear for long periods.

I wasn’t a fan of the way Platronics designed the earbuds until I fitted them in. It went directly into my ear and felt comfortable right through the day. For those with big or small ear, there might be a problem fitting the 903+ over your earlobe since it cannot be adjusted to a different size.

Platronics BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset

When it comes to sound quality, the Platronics BacBeat 903+ is probably the best Bluetooth Headset out there. Music plays loudly and is capable of drowning out external sounds, something you do not find in many Bluetooth Headsets with their inferior sound quality. My main problem, sadly, was the bass. The default bass setting is fairly alright, but if you choose to up the ante a bit to get more thump, that is where the disappointment begins to kick in. The bass gets distorted to the point where you can barely hear the words of a song, which in the end means this feature will not be used on a regular basis. Hands-free voice calling on this beauty works well, people who I have spoken to over the phone were able to hear me clearly, and they were crystal clear on my end. Problems only occur when you are outdoors in excess breeze; the device was unable to perform well enough.

There is a maximum of five buttons on the BackBeat 903+. On the right lies the play and pause button, on the left, there you will find the call button, along with power, track switch, and volume buttons. The volume and track buttons are the same, that means to get to the next track, you have to press and hold for two seconds or until you hear a confirmation. I like when the power button is pressed, it announces the amount of listening time left, nifty.

The Platronics BackBeat 903+ will not work perfectly with every device. From our testing, it worked fine with a Samsung Focus Windows Phone handset, the problem found was the lack of support for video playback. The headset only works with system sounds, music, and sounds coming from applications and games. This is a serious setback if you watch a lot of videos, however, if you own an iPhone, we understand that it works best there due to Platronics optimization for the device, which allows the headset to not only work with the music player, but also for video playback and entertainment applications.

Platronics BackBeat 903+ Carrying Case

Wondering how long the BackBeat 903+ can hold up on a single charge? Worry not, this baby will give you 7hrs of battery life, though it varies. In testing, I got 4hrs of battery life listening to music none stop, but if you don’t listen music or make much phone calls, you can easily get 7hrs no problem.

If for reasons not known, you wish to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to the Platronic BackBeat 903+, you are out of luck dudes and dudettes. Only a single device at a time can be connected, which is a real shame. Sometimes while at home, I would have loved if the device was able to connect to my laptop, along with my phone for spectacular convenience. That said, there’s not much to complain about since the price is decent for what the package is offering. The original price sits at $99, but you can pick it up at Amazon for a cool $50.

With its cheap price, great design, and awesome sound quality, you won’t find another Bluetooth Headset able to go up against the Platronics BackBeat 903+.

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