Samsung GALAXY S II – the Slim Android With Better Application Management

Samsung Galaxy S II or as Samsung writes Samsung GALAXY S II, is a fully compatible smartphone for Android Gingerbread operating system. It is arguably the most powerful phone of the Samsung class.

A smartphone requires an operating system to function. In fact, the operating system is the heart of a smartphone. Galaxy S II is born with a slew of improvements with the Google’s Android Gingerbread operating system. Other than faster speeds, this user-friendly software has improved responsiveness and introduced better power management in Galaxy S II. It plays an active role in policing unnecessary apps to enhance phone battery life. We will try to invade the technicalities of this wonderful phone to understand whether to pick Galaxy S II as one of the best buys in smartphone.

Does this phone have sophisticated appearance?

You can hold this handset decently in your palm. This smartphone is merely 8.5 mm thick. It has a length of 125.3 mm at most. It is a sleek and innovative design of a handset. You have to look at the display of this phone to have a feel of its sophistication. The touch-screen 4.3” AMOLED capacitive display will provide a cool viewing experience. It can accommodate 16 million colors. Samsung Galaxy S II is a lanky device having a weight of 116g including battery. The super AMOLED technology integrates a special capacitive touch screen directly into the display. The device will consume less power, less reflection of light and of course, a thinner look.

The Hardware story:

What’s in the Samsung Galaxy S II processor?

The key specification in any smartphone is the processor. The processor is primarily responsible to run the computing functions and applications in a device. The 1.2GHz dual core processor in Galaxy S II is ARM Cotex-A9. It is really fast and responsible for quick web browsing. The processor makes room for loading and playing the most complicated game in this smartphone. The graphical acceleration is boosted largely. The latest processor is responsible to execute a group of functions, including high system memory, power saving, and video processing techniques.

Galaxy S II has a camera to fascinate the photo lovers:

Yes, the 8-mega pixel camera with backlit sensor will record high-definition video. The single-LED flash will allow easy shooting even in the darkest area. This latest built-in camera will enrich your photo shooting experience.

The user-friendly Galaxy S II is the ideal choice for game lovers:

It is real fun to play games through the touch-sensitive screen and vivid color display in this Samsung smartphone. The gaming hub is split into two sections having different functions. One section has lots of free content with some pre-installed titles. The other section is loaded with premium contents. The user can download the premium contents at a reasonable price. All the titles offer free trials to experience the gaming fun before actual purchase is made.

How can you use your Social Hub on Samsung Galaxy S II?

This smartphone is highly user-friendly, and a series of social hubs is included in a portion of the interface. Social hubs are assigned to the home screen, and you may find in one of the application drawers. Once you open, you will find a wonderful world of social hubs in front of you.  The social hubs are to be linked to your Gmail account. Immediately, you’ll be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the relevant social hub. You may sign or leave the instant messaging service blank, for the time being. Try the social hubs of your choice. You will enjoy this Smartphone now.

Samsung Galaxy S II is beyond doubt an amazing handset, and possibly the most powerful smartphone in the mobile market at the moment. Wish you a happy buying.

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