LG G2x 4G Android Phone – the best Gaming Choice

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You carry a G2x 4G Android phone not merely as a smartphone, but a top-notch experience with you. The LG G2x 4G, also known as LG Optimus 2X smartphone, is teeming with quality; excellent IPS display, 4G, and fast dual core CPU. Right now, it is one of the top cell phones in its category.

Let us go to deeper levels of the organized technical data available for this elegant and well-made Android handset manufactured by LG. Let us begin with the heart, the operating system, and spread our wings to other parts of this smartphone. 

How G2x 4G stormed into the smartphone arena with Android OS?

Smartphone is built with an OS or operating system. This is the primary reason of smartphone securing the cellphone market. Cellphones do not have OS. G2x 4G is manufactured with the Android operating system. Google has established android as a good competitor for the leading Blackberry OS and Apple iOS. Android-based phones have a default browser. Android default browser is indeed fast and supports flash. The desktop has widgets in place of confused icons. Widgets help in performing a specific task with a single click. The G2x 4G has four connectivity buttons, Bluetooth, WIFI, mobile network and GPS. The user is not restricted to downloading only the music onto the smartphone, songs and files can be played by a simple drag and drop action.

This Android phone is very stable, and the battery life is unexpectedly good. The phone has absolutely no lags, quirks and serious operating problems. Reception and call quality is superb. 4G speed is double than the T-Mobile’s 3G smartphones and some 4G phones.

Mobile gamers have found their best pal in LG G2x 4G:

This T-Mobile G2x powered by Google Android will sweep off the gamers with its speed and power. This smartphone is meant for ultimate HD Gaming. The 3D Graphics built into the console and a 4 inch screen will raise gaming to a new height. The gamers will enjoy much sharper actions and super-high intensity while playing the latest games on this handset.

The LG G2x is available with preloaded games like, Need for Speed SHIFT HD, and applications like DTS Ultra Mobile for surround sound. T-Mobile offers a video chat solution like the iPhone called T-Mobile Video chatpowered by Qik.

In what way LG G2x 4G smartphone processor is only one of its kinds?

The G2x 4G or Optimus 2X from the house of LG is the first mobile phone to implant a dual core processor, and it holds the Guinness World Record for this unique feat. The dual core processor from Nvidia Tegra is the world’s first mobile chip. This dual core processor is highly suitable for extreme multitasking. This ultra-low power chip provides accelerated flash and two times faster browsing. This chip provides outstanding 3D mobile gaming with a highly user-friendly interface. You will be able to enjoy 1080p HD movies stored on your LG G2x 4G mobile without bargaining battery life.

The networking facilities are excellent in G2x 4G smartphone.

T-Mobile’s LG G2x 4G data speeds are excellent and are almost similar to Verizon’s LTE 4G network. Market updates are downloaded very quickly. Google Maps data, and web pages can be loaded quickly due to the fast CPU. The G2x’s download speeds are comparable to other T-Mobile 4G phones.

LG G2x 4G will be an active WiFi hotspot, and can easily share its data links with laptops, iPads and other similar gadgets. It also supports USB tethering. When you use this LG phone as a wireless AP, the download speed is very good. WiFi calling is an added advantage in LG G2x, which means you can avail the WiFi network, and make a call if your cellular signal is weak.

Get hold of a LG G2x 4G handset, and enjoy the experience in the gaming and networking action like never before.

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