HTC EVO 4G – a Sprint’s Aesthetic Phone With Android Onboard


HTC EVO 4G superphone is sure to set a smile on your face. The Sprint’s WiMax enabled phone with 3G/4G mobile is a born adventurer. EVO 4G is loaded with Android OS 2.1 with an amazing camera and realistic sound capability.

A handset like HTC EVO 4G is an essential smartphone for the gadget lover, who wants to be connected with the digital world and interact with all relevant matters. This is not just another smartphone; it will be your friend to keep you connected to the world. We will evaluate this phone from your point of view in a systematic approach from technical and commercial perspectives. Read this article to find a lot about HTC EVO 4G.

Hold HTC EVO 4G on your palm, and judge it purely on aesthetic grounds.

Look at the image at the top of the article. You can see the gracious get-up of the handset. HTC EVO is built with a large 4.3inches LCD display. The display is TFT LCD type with a capacitive touch screen. The screen has a size of 480×800-pixel with a density of 240 pixels per inch. The touch screen display will be functional only with bare finger or even multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. Bare fingers are necessary to induce electric charges for the capacitive touch screen.

Check through the user interface details of HTC EVO 4G smartphone:

Menu, Home, Back, and Search are the four mostly used touch sensitive buttons, which conveniently located on the front of the smartphone. In reality, the HTC EVO 4G is designed with a balanced use interface of hardware and software. Users will require playing with the touch-sensitive buttons to get the effect of Android OS. This is a user-friendly device.

Buttons will perform the following tasks:

Home button will allow the user to return to sense home screen. Menu button will display the menus for the various applications, and the back button may be used to come backward to the previous page. The search button is used for searching through the phone. There is a sleep/wake button located on the top of the device used to control the power and calls. All other functions are provided through the touch screen.

High technology sensors have made this handset a genius:

There are four high-technology sensors located conveniently to add brilliant features. A proximity sensor will deactivate the display and touch screen when the handset will be close to the face during a call. This will save the power of the battery to a substantial amount. This sensor will block inadvertent inputs transmitted through the users’ face and ears. There is one ambient light sensor to adjust the display brightness during daylight. This also saves the battery power largely. The three-axis accelerometer will sense the compass reading of the phone and adjust the screen accordingly, allowing users to conveniently switch between the page orientations modes. There is also a geomagnetism sensor, which adjusts the compass reading with respect to Earth’s magnetic field. This can also be used to control and interact with third party apps, notably games. The device is fitted with a temperature sensor, which is pressed into service to monitor the battery temperature continuously.

Let us find out some details about the camera in the HTC EVO 4G phones:

The handset is built with a rear-facing 8 megapixel backside illuminated camera. This camera is capable of recording videos at 30 frames per second in 720p. It has a dual flash, which helps to illuminate objects in dimly lit areas. There is an additional camera of 1.3 megapixel placed on the front of the handset. This additional camera is built for use with video calling and for taking portrait images and may as well be used for other applications.

The truly eye-catching HTC EVO 4G will be an asset for you. HTC EVO 4G is beyond doubt one of the finest smartphones ever made. It’s logical to guess that phones like the EVO will ultimately come to every user over the next few months. Wish you a happy buying.

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