How-To: Shut Down Windows 8 Consumer Preview

By eschipul

With all the craze over the new iPad, many might have forgotten about Windows 8, but we haven’t. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out, and so far, it has seen millions of downloads in just a few days since it has been released to the public. Like all new software, some will like it, others will despise it, while there are those who are just confused about how to get the simplest of things done.

Microsoft new Operating System is a learning curve, and it is such a deep learning curve that many users of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview does not know how to shut down the OS without pressing down on the physical power button their machine. We might be the experts at things like this, but even we were caught off guard and was left wondering how to shut down our Windows 8 powered system.

Happily, after a few trials and errors, we finally got around the problem and shut down our system. The reason why something so easy was so hard to find is mainly due to the lack of a start button in Windows 8. If you have been playing around with Windows 8 for as long as we have, then you should have noticed it by now. Users who prefer the desktop setting rather than the Metro UI are complaining to Microsoft about the omission of the Windows start button, and require that it be replaced. It is not easy to accept change, so we can understand their anger, but to be honest; we love Windows 8, despite its flaws.

After doing away with the start button, Microsoft instead added a toolbar on the right side of your display that is hidden and only shows itself when the user swipes from the right to bring it into play, or hover their mouse over the area. The bar consists of five buttons; Search, Share Charm, Start, Devices, and Settings. Now, you might be wondering, where is the power down option, worry not, we’re getting to that part, and when we are done, you’ll see how easy it is.

To simply shut down your computer when you bring up the toolbar on the side, just click on Settings. Right away, you should see options to enter the Control Panel etc. But look below and there you should see the power button. Click on it, and you will be awarded with three options, Sleep, Shut down, Restart. Sadly, there is no option as of yet for Hibernation, but for now we plan to reserve our complaint since Windows 8 Consumer Preview is indeed beta software.

There you go, you’ve just learn’t how to power down Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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    How-To: Shut Down Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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