Google Nexus S – a Pure Google with Embedded Android 2.3

By Luckyz

Google Nexus S is the endorsement phone for the new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” OS (Operating System). This smartphone is manufactured by Samsung. Users are blessed with an operating system, which is directly implanted by the Google Android team. Users will get a clean installation of Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” OS. The smartphone will have a smooth operation as the third party handling of Android OS is eliminated.

Nexus S is jointly developed by Samsung and Google, but manufactured by Samsung Electronics. This is the first smartphone to support NFC – Near Field Communication in both software and hardware. NFC is a convenient method in wireless connectivity for rapid and easy communications. Through NFC, you can easily exchange and store your personal data – messages, pictures, MP3 files, etc. Simply by bringing two NFC-enabled devices close together; it will automatically initiate network communications without requiring configuring the setup.

A newer 4G version SPH-D720 of the phone is available for US customers. Users will appreciate this phone. It is beautifully designed, intuitive and exceptionally alive. The Google Nexus S is called ‘Pure Google’. Google has taken care of all the delays encountered by network-related updates.

Hardware is the essence of Google Nexus S – get its key points:

The processor: Samsung and Intrinsity developed a 1 GHz smartphone processor. It was code named “Hummingbird” and implanted in Google Nexus S phone. The brilliance of the processor is its ability to handle multiple apps and well controlled background processing.

The display: The Nexus S is the first smartphone to install a 100mm or 4 inch display. The display is designed with a slightly curved glass touchscreen. Google calls it by the name “Contour Display.” It is a deep black Super AMOLED 480×800 display. The display looks brilliant to different viewing angles.

Get a professional photo shoot:  Galaxy Nexus S has a built-in full-featured camera. It has automatic focus, great dim light performance, and one of the best zero shutters lags. You can shoot a photo instantly. You can snap several photos quicker than the blink of your eye. Make the footage ready, create your own movie with the help of Nexus S Movie Studio, and finally upload it to You Tube. The smartphone has an instant photo upload facility to share your photo shoot experience with family and friends. There is a full featured photo editor in this smartphone. You can add a filter, re-adjust color, rotate, flip, and doodle your favorite photos. You will be amazed to get a one-touch masterpiece photo. Additionally, Nexus S has a single motion panoramic mode. You have to just touch the shutter, and pan the phone in a round of your choice. Android will add the photos to get an expansive panoramic photo. Is it not a thrilling experience?

2800 mAh Extended Battery for Google Nexus S: Battery life is good. Users will get 6+ hours of heavy voice/data usage on the Lithium-Ion battery. Officially, Google claims that the battery in Nexus S can be conveniently used up to a talk time of 400 mins. It has a standby time of more than 400 hours. Nexus S battery lasts longer than most smartphones.

Memory: The Nexus S is manufactured with a dedicated RAM of 512MB capacity. However, this smartphone will not support additional storage capacity.

Conclusion: Most users have a wonderful experience with Nexus S phone. It is a highly successful smartphone of the Galaxy class manufactured by Samsung. Price wise, Google Nexus S is definitely much cheaper. This smartphone is extremely user-friendly for Google’s timely update. The smartphone Nexus S will be always ahead of other’s due to the tremendous development of Android. This phone has one of the most useful mobile application Google’s voice search and input applications. Enjoy this wonderful Nexus S phone.

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