Microsoft Has Applied For a Patent Related to TV Viewing Toll

by Hub Figuière

Patent applications are bound to be interesting because these are essentially proposed innovations which may or may not see light of the day. They are always futuristic and try to border on craziness, sometimes. Recently, we have seen a very interesting patent application by Microsoft for the technology which would allow it to charge users for skipping ads. The applied patent will also allow Microsoft to put additional fees for replay of action. This would essentially mean that Microsoft has created or is still working on a technology that would raise price of a movie or show if the user prefers skipping ads or decides to watch replay. The patent has been named as “control-based content pricing”.

Apparently, this is not something very promising for the end user because the target of this technology is the end user. Microsoft has said in the patent application that if a user uses his remote control or other navigation device to skip the advertisement, the price of the on-demand movie may increase. Microsoft was not immediately available for comment on this potentially controversial patent. However, the company has said in a released statement that it is common that technology companies apply for patents and it is not essential that each and every patent will transform into Microsoft technology product.

Tech blog Geekwire has reported that the application had been filed as far back as November but only came to light recently. The blog has noted that this new patent application is based on an already issued patent in 2011 for Microsoft. Microsoft has stated in the application that this technology can potentially become the backbone of targeted advertisements and delivery of media content. Microsoft has maintained that it is not likely to have adverse consumer privacy issues. Only time will tell that how Microsoft uses this technology and what will be the reaction of the consumers to this apparently creeping technology.

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