New iPad Demand Reaches New Records

by andreas_fischler

The new iPad has been a sensation as far as Apple and tablet market are concerned. Users have really flocked to stores and online locations to pre-order the device. The demand has been so high that Apple had to say that the delivery times for online buyers have increased due to shortage of supply to meet the demand. Those who ordered the device online had to wait for three additional days to receive their iPads rather than the launch date of March 16. An Apple spokesman said that the demand of new iPad was “off the charts”, therefore, a delay in deliveries was unavoidable.

The new iPad was revealed by CEO of Apple Tim Cook on 7th March. The new device has proudly announced the technology named “retina display“. The technology means that the individual pixels on screen can not be easily discerned when the device is held at normal reading distances and angles. The new display with increased resolution has been the single most cause of success of this device and people have braved severe cold outside stores to get their hands on this beautiful device. The new display has mesmerized the users and they have just impatiently run to stores. New iPad also comes with super fast LTE connectvity but presently the frequency range it supports is targeting US market.

This recent announcement of 3 days delay in shipments for online orders has resulted in more rush at retail outlets of Apple. Market studies have indicated that this huge surge in iPad demand will increase the already dominating market share of Apple in the tablet market. Apple currently enjoys 60 percent market share in iPad sales. Research company IMS Research has predicted that Apple will be able to sell more than 70 million iPads in 2012 which will be 71 percent growth on year to year basis. As many as 1 million iPad 2 owners are likely to upgrade to the new version of the product.

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