Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 – Always Connected and Entertained

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Dell Venue Pro with the Windows Phone 7 Operating System is a mobile smartphone from the technology leader Dell, USA. This feature-rich technology phone is truly codenamed as “Lightning” by Dell. No one can complete writing about this phone within 1 or 2 pages, and therefore, we will be selective to include only the important and relevant details about Dell Venue Pro.

Here’re some design criteria, which may be the reasons to buy Dell Venue Pro:

Dell’s Venue Pro is a Windows Phone 7 device built with a prominent large 4.1-inch screen and a slide-out portrait-format mini-QWERTY keyboard. It measures 63.5x122mmx15.25mm with a little bulky at 192g. This is compensated by the outsized screening area, which is useful for emails interpretation, scanning internet pages and viewing media. The capacitive touch screen will be easy to use with fingers. This smartphone is built with multi-touch support like zoom effect with a slight touch. Dell Venue Pro is characterized by 480×800 pixel resolution of Windows Phone 7’s standard. However, the latest AMOLED screen technology of Dell ensures a sharp and bright display.

The sliding mechanism of Dell Venue Pro mini-Qwerty keyboard is certainly smoother than many smartphones’. When pulled, the slightly domed keyboard occupies only an additional area of 55x30mm. This handset is primarily manufactured for the business people. The screen display can be easily switched from landscape to portrait mode to facilitate easy viewing.

Dell has created an exclusive aesthetics for the Dell Venue Pro. The backplate has nice etched diamond pattern with slightly bowed contour to give it a pleasant look.

Microsoft specifies three front buttons designated as Search, Back, and Start. Dell has rightly provided large touch sensitive buttons on the front and located it conveniently just beneath the screen. Dell Venue Pro is loaded with a 5 mega-pixel built-in camera and as per Microsoft requirement, the camera button is placed on the side of the handset. The on/off switch and the 3.5mm headset jack are nicely located on the top, and this is an added advantage for the user. The useful button volume rocker is positioned on the right side of the handset, and one micro USB connector is located on the bottom of the device. You will receive a well-designed user manual, an AC adapter, and an additional PC connector with this Dell Venue Pro smartphone.

Windows Phone 7 operating system has some advantages in Dell Venue Pro over other handsets:

It has Office hub which is a cluster of PowerPoint, Excel and MS Word. Additionally, if your back end runs on SharePoint Server 2010, you will be free to access all SharePoint data. You can personalize your account with Xbox LIVE hub. You can automatically upload photos with the additional 25MB online storage facility at SkyDrive. Windows 7 will create better opportunities for health, life science professionals, and business people in general, to share information online.

Windows Phone 7 is a unique interface and not copied from iOS. It is stable and fast software. It attains cohesiveness among the apps. It has really a rigid amalgamation with social-networking sites. You will enjoy sophisticated music experience directly from Microsoft.


A single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 processor drives Dell Venue Pro, this causes no loss in responsiveness, and Windows 7 is definitely a rewarding operating system built in line with the most popular Windows framework. This handset is quite lucrative to the business people who are highly accustomed to using Windows in PC and Laptop. It is loaded with one 1400mAh battery, which will last a day without any recharging. Dell Venue Pro is definitely a winner in terms of look and feel. We wish you an exceptional experience with this smartphone.

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