How to share your map with your friends (“Pin in the Map” and “Google Maps”)

In Google Map, you can create a map and send the URL to others, yet you need to stay logged in to use the web service. Every now and then, you might want to tell your friends quickly, “Hey, this is the place I have wanted to show you!”. This is where the web tool “Pin in the Map” will come in handy.

Pin in the Map

Scroll the map to your location. If you want to spot a place located in UK/US/Australia/Japan, you can click one of the flag icons at the top of the map to jump to your location quickly.









Click the spot you want to pin, and add a comment.












Then click ‘Preview’ to transfer to the Quick Preview window.

The option “Show this pin to everyone?” determines whether your pin will be seen by as many people as possible. You need to set the password for “Password for later editing” before saving the map.








When you are done, you can tell your friends the URL, or click the “start an email” link. It creates a new email with the link already added.

Google Maps

You can create your own maps in Google Maps and share them with your friends.
To begin with, you need to be logged in to use Google Maps.
Click “CREATE MAP” to create a map. Google Maps provide various tools as follows:

– Selection tool
– Placemark tool
– Line tool
– Shape tool (available from the drop down list when you click the Line tool icon.








The map you have created will be given a unique URL. Click the chain icon in the left panel and a small box appears. You can tell your friends the URL shown in the top field. Checking the checkbox “short URL” shortens the URL. Alternatively, you can invite collaborators by clicking “Collaborate” in the left panel and type in the email address of your friends in the field called “Invite people as collaborators”.




Comments on each tool

Pin in the map

– No need to use your email account.
– Quick and easy

Google Maps

– Needs a Google account
– Specifies a specific place by searching
– Allows you to draw lines intuitively
– A bit of hassle to tell your friends your map
– Provides a wide range of map functionality

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