iPhone 5: Some Aspects – Some Expectations

The iPhone 5 is the most discussed smartphone yet, and you will find countless rumors and a lot of information on the internet. Many customers will wonder what they should expect from the release of the iPhone 5? Will this measure up with the hype, potential and expectations formed in the smartphone market? What technology makes it distinctive from the previous models, particularly the iPhone 4S?

Apple is avoiding leaks and various suggestions from other sources; and keeping tight-lipped concerning the authentic date of release and other technicalities of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5. However, it does appear that it would be earlier than the mid 2012.

The question is, either Apple will release iPhone 5 in the mid of this year or not? According to the previous practices, Apple launched iPhone’s early versions during June and July. When the iPhone 5 launches, it might not be much different in appearance from its predecessor, although undoubtedly there will be numerous transitioning changes, particularly in terms of technology and hardware revisions. Certainly, the iPhone 5 will have several enhancements and incremental changes such as larger memory, bigger touch-screen, more powerful battery backup and a more efficient iOS. Evidently, this development has to be available to the iPhone 5, if it is to stand out in the smartphone market.

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It’s expected that there will be a great deal of technological improvements along with NFC (near field communication). The shape is expected to be entirely new. From a common standpoint of the view, it’s expected that there should be a total rethink in terms of its design. There has not been an official announcement of the release for the iPhone 5, but it will arrive along with a variety of carriers.

While it will be ideal to have improved powerful graphics, downloading speed and far better resolution for images as well as videos; a reliable chat and social-networking tools will also be appreciated. Facial and voice recognition are at the core of future technology and also expected to be available to the iPhone 5 to compete with other smartphones available in the market. Voice recognition technology has already been added with the Google’s Android voice search as a means of the competing. Another technology, available in laptops, is scratchproof casing, which may also be a feature of this piece of modern technology. It also should be shockproof, having the ability to wirelessly sync along with built-in GPS and OLED screen.

The Apple team is working on it to guarantee that users get a comprehensive masterpiece of technology that justifies the hype that the market has generated so far.

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