Why Microsoft Needs to Replace Windows 7?

Microsoft’s Windows may not be the most powerful and accurate OS on the computer market but there are some big names who are providing more security and reliability than the Microsoft offering. However, if we were to do a survey we would discover that more than eighty percent of users are using MS-based Windows operating systems. Microsoft supports a wide range of hardware, offers a user-friendly interface and is available at very reasonable prices. These are the most important reasons for the outstanding popularity and success of MS Windows based OS.

The world of computing has changed with Microsoft’s Windows 7. This first-class edition of MS Windows responds really fast to user’s commands and input, installs perfectly and makes the best use of available resources, hardware and peripherals. Windows 7 can even maintain operations like “XP-Mode”, which is a virtual machine of XP operating on MS Windows 7. End-users are allowed to install software into the Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows can make it just because the application works inside the Windows 7 without having to start the XP virtual machine manually. This feature encourages users to upgrade their computers to the latest version of the MS Windows 7.

With the passage of time, we are seeing a revolution in the IT field and technology is turning into a more compressed form than ever. Now touch and internet-based devices like tablet and smartphone are becoming popular which support more compact operating systems, such as iOS, Android and others. Although Windows has its Windows Mobile OS on the market, there are further software and hardware challenges appearing in the IT field. Microsoft was required to provide a firm solution and therefore Microsoft announced its upcoming Windows 8.


Windows 7 - "Used with permission from Microsoft."

Author: Microsoft Corporation (Used with permission from Microsoft)

Let’s find out how MS Windows 8 will present to the next-generation computing experience.

MS Windows 8’s prime challenge is to replace existing OS’s such as Windows 7 and Windows XP; and replacing Windows 7 will require lots of development and additional features to maintain and support this new technology. Quick booting could be one of the main reasons required for the Windows 8, particularly in order to support tablets.

MS OS inherits issues relating to security more than those offered by other companies. Windows OS has been the main target of hackers, malware and virus attacks. Windows 7 had fixed most of these vulnerabilities, which XP was suffering. MS Windows 8 requires improvement in order to enjoy a solid platform to protect its users and to enhance its reliability.

We can guess from Windows 8 early view that it has 128 bit, more power and certainly faster processing, which will be a more secure environment for computers. Now in Windows 8 you can enjoy the Hybrid Boot to save your precious time. Windows 8 will not only be powered by virtualization of Hyper-V 3.0, but also will have enough capability to meet the hardware challenges of touch-based devices. Upcoming Windows 8’s user interface will offer a unique and ideal GUI to take care of all the situations.

Image Author: Microsoft Corporation

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