Which is the Best CMS Opportunity – Blogger or WordPress

CMS (Content Management System) empowers ordinary people to share content of interest the same way that experts do. We could then consider that Blogger and WordPress sites can complement each other rather than compete with each other. While one offers high-end features, the other facilitates and standardizes the use of web content management for everyone. A housewife who loves to bake cookies for her children has published her recipes in the Blogger.com blog that she created in 3 simple steps. Meanwhile, a chef is now selling her cookbook in a website that was created entirely based on WordPress technology. Both reach your audience, but both have the intent to profit from the Web as a means of disseminating ideas and personal goals. The important thing is that both Blogger.com and WordPress, among the most popular online CMS’s, have features used by different audiences. The people who use them feel highly satisfied with the results.


What is the trick of Blogger.com? Blogger.com is highly popular and ordinary people without much tech savvy love this. In just three simple steps you can create a personal blog from scratch in a practical, easy and intuitive way. The trick is the simplicity that blogger.com provides. The provided features include Youtube.com videos, photos Flick.com, news and many other formats of content that you are surely familiar with.  This does not mean that you cannot make this CMS look more professional. You can, but its focus is on the public who do not have programming and technology knowledge but is highly interested in sharing content online.

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WordPress: Whoever uses it knows what they want. The public who use WordPress can be any inquisitive person that would like to start a blog. The truth is that you can have a big advantage using WordPress because it offers many high-level elegant features, is very elegant and the outcome looks very professional.  WordPress users know what they are looking for and have discovered the great benefits of WordPress. In regard to the business world, this CMS is highly competitive and contributes a lot to improve visibility in search engines.

Make the most of both; if you have to use WordPress or Blogger depending on what the use, will be you can choose what best suits you at any given time. Many people are usually already familiar with the benefits of both CMSs and if they want to do something quickly they can create a blog on Blogger.com and insert certain WordPress templates that can be adapted to blogger. You can use both as a complement to your personal or business projects, all according to your own convenience.

In conclusion, a CMS has come to solve the lives of many businesses, institutions, companies and individuals. Today we already have highly effective and stable tools that allow us to handle large volumes of information which are quite useful and beneficial to our lives.

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