Applications for Android – What Determines the Future of Mobile Phones in 2012

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With Android surpassing more than 53% of the market share and almost fading out Symbian with leader BlackBerry OS coming in last place, it is apparent that the next fight will be among Windows Mobile 7, iPhone and others. What is certain is that Android, by their nature, continues to take more land and more leadership.

Rather than focusing on the usage of the mobile phone for talking, my focus is on developing mobile phone applications. Smartphone manufacturers and groups or individuals who develop mobile phone applications consider their activity as a big business by making people crazy with them. At the moment Android has more applications than iPhone does. The reason for this is simply because the developers have moved to the platform, where they can provide the best quality to the market. Moreover the Android platform is more stable, robust and user friendly.

Consider the Android Phenomenon

Only competitors could ironically say in public that Android is not a phenomenon. It is an operating system for mobile phones and electronic devices such as tablets and book readers. With over 330,000 applications and approximately more than 1 million applications downloaded from the Android Market, Android is at the top of the list. Another factor for Android’s gaining popularity is that the operating systems for BlackBerry and iPhone are not “open source”. In this sense, the conditions are ripe for Android, not only to dominate the market, but also to keep adding thousands of independent developers to this project one way or another to have the advantage in this industry. If a company develops smart phones and use the Android mobile operating system, the company can compete with the big boys.

New Opportunities for Developers

With more than 550,000 Android devices that are activated every day around the world, the market is huge and highly lucrative. An iPhone developer has the expertise to develop applications for Android. An investor, who has put his money in any business, can now spend thousands of dollars in new applications for Android. This means that not much effort is required to migrate to this platform by any company or individual that is dedicated to developing for Android.

Having a wide variety of devices and manufacturers available for testing is amazing. While you can test a number of factors and characteristics, users also create their own opinions on the equipment they use and make their own reviews about it.

The Prognosis

Android has a highly positive forecast for 2012 and the months to follow. The operating system at the moment is being debugged to the extent that it will have great representation in both smartphones and tablets. This debugging effort has helped to positon the Samsung Galaxy as the second or third best for CNet in 2011. Statistics show that a large number of developers devoted to RIM BlackBerry devices are now developing new applications for Android.

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