Review: CCleaner


Screenshot of CCleaner

If you are searching for an outstanding PC cleaner, then your search ends right here. The latest version of CCleaner, CCleaner is a top of the line freeware maintenance and optimization tool. All inessential, unused and ad hoc files are discarded from all internet browsers and several supported applications. CCleaner allows the user to remove all traces of online activities, for instance the internet history.

Application paths in the Windows Registry and unnecessary/unused file extensions are located and amended. In addition CCleaner brushes up temporary files operated by Windows. Uninstalling applications and ascertaining which particular programs are supposed to run at startup is assisted by CCleaner.

CCleaner allows Windows to free valuable space on the hard disk resulting in fastening the running of the computer. Furthermore, the best feature of CCleaner is that it doesn’t consist of any spyware or adware, plus it is exceptionally fast.

CCleaner provides its users with numerous efficient features, such as it cleans Windows components; Operating systems Size and Location Cache, ISS Log Files, Tray Notifications Cache, Menu Order Cache, Custom Folders. It cleans several applications; Kazza, Netscape, Firefox, eMule, WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Safari, opera, Win Ace, and more.

CCleaner allows registry cleaning, by using an advanced cleaner to detect problems and inconsistencies. It can check through File extensions, Fonts, Uninstallers, Class IDs, Applications Paths, Invalid Shortcuts, Active X controls, ProgIDs, Shared DLLs, Help file references and more.

It is one of the top class freewares in the market designed with the aim to be safe and secure to exert. CCleaner has multiple levels to detect every place in order to ensure that any important, vital information or documents that you need do not get deleted.

With CCleaner you don’t need to fret over integrity and security as it offers users high quality security with secure file removal. The data can be easily recovered as it over writes the files before erasing them. It is available in an array of different languages including English, Hebrew, Japanese, Lithuanian, Serbian Cyrillic, Finnish, French, Arabic, German, Italian, and many more.

CCleaner is an adept freeware that users can avail for ample amount of benefits. It is made nearly to perfection; available in almost every language, high security securing the data, deleting excess baggage on hard disk, being storage effective, detects all unused files and providing multiple levels to locate important files and restrict from removing them. In addition, it is a fast efficient freeware enhancing your system’s performance tremendously.