Review: FreeCommander – Advanced tool of File Management

FreeCommander is the new alternative file manager program to the traditional built-in one used in all windows operating system. The file manager offers all the features which are found in the regular windows file manager system. FreeCommander is an extremely user friendly software and offers a variety of new and exciting functions which make file management a lot easier and convenient for the windows operating system users. This software application can be easily downloaded from the official Freecommander’s website, and is absolutely free. The program can be used in 16 different languages and has a very quick and easy installation process.


Screenshot of FreeCommander

The most distinctive feature of FreeCommander is the dual panel technology. This feature allows surfing through multiple hard disk directories simultaneously by allowing to view different directories on the same screen. This makes the exchange or transfer of files between the partitioned drives a lot more fast and convenient. Not just different hard disk directories, but also different file folders can also be viewed in a similar manner for the purpose of file exchange or transfer. The double viewing feature also offers to open computer network drives and computer’s own hard drives, at the same time. This further makes file management of a connected computer network less difficult. Also, the system’s hidden files and folders which are stored in different directors can easily be viewed by using FreeCommander file manager.

The file manager comes with a built-in FTP client which enables the user to transfer files to any other computer with the help of an internet connection. There is a separate option in the file manager which allows one to enter the right system details of the host server which the user is trying to connect to. After successfully connecting to another system computer or a host, the system files and folders of both computers can be viewed at the same time from one single spot.

There are other attractive features of the file manager, which overcome the regular problems which are faced when using the built-in windows file manager. File search system is more advanced in FreeCommander, as it allows to search through archived or compressed files. This means, if there is data related to the searched item stored in a compressed or archived file then that will also be included in the search results. This makes it easy for the user to find the exact location of the search item stored in any archived file.  The main column view, in which the files and folders are displayed, can be customized by the user. The users can add more columns of their own choice according to their own specific requirement.

FreeCommander is enriched with many features which make it a full user friendly file management tool. It has a unique technology which makes transfer of files more quick and convenient.

Image source: (approval granted to use photographs by Marek Jasinski)