Samsung Launches Galaxy S III

Samsung Electronics is going to launch a new version of its hugely popular smartphone named Samsung Galaxy. The new model named Samsung Galaxy S III shall be launched on 29 May. With the kind of reviews and buildup to the release, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be even more popular than its earlier siblings. It was Samsung Galaxy that helped Samsung challenge Apple in the smartphone market. It became so popular that Samsung eventually overtook Apple as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The new Samsung Galaxy S III is initially being launched in 28 countries of Europe and Middle East. The company aims to further cement its place in the smartphone before the next release of iPhone which is expected in the third quarter this year.

Samsung Galaxy S III has a unique new feature. It tracks user’s eyes to turn off or turn on the phone screen. How effectively it achieves the function of dimming or turning on the screen is yet now known. Apart from this new feature, Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8 inch screen, which is larger than latest iPhone 4S’s 3.5 inch display and HTC One X’s 4.7 inch screen. This new model by Samsung has received the kind of anticipation reserved for Apple’s products. People are already queuing up in front of main stores to be the first ones to get this new smartphone. Major international carriers like SingTel and Vodafone have been very aggressive in marketing the Samsung Galaxy S III, which gives rise to the expectation that this phone might break the sales records created by Samsung Galaxy. More than 20 million units of Samsung Galaxy S have been sold worldwide.

A Vodafone spokesman has said that it is one of the most pre-ordered Android device in the history of Vodafone. Samsung Galaxy was first launched in 2010, which was almost three years after the launch of iPhone. It gained huge success, though other phone manufacturers, including Nokia, market leader in feature phones at that time, had struggled in the past to offer any competition to iPhone. In the quarter from January to March this year, Samsung sold more than 44 million smartphones. This means that Samsung sold 21 thousand smartphones every hour. It currently commands a market share of 30.6 percent in the smartphone market. Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones and has 24.1 percent market share in the smartphone market. Many analysts have said that Samsung Galaxy S III will be a big challenge for iPhone. The real picture will emerge after the launch of new model of iPhone later this year.

Author: usmantech