Let’s speed up your internet connection with some secret tips!

We are fond of using high-speed internet. The internet is a great sector for entertainment. As we moving towards to a new dimensional digital world, high-speed internet is necessary for all of us. Here we are going to discuss about some tips that can help your internet speed faster than older situation.

We are using different kinds of the internet systems in our daily life; it may be broadband, Wi-Fi, dial up network or may be other types of network system. Each type of this network system provides a better connection according to the activated plan (internet packages offered by the ISP companies) which may be chosen by you.

The speed of internet is measured based on bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes. You may choose your internet package such as 520 kbps or 1 mbps speed package. However, such speed won’t remain when you download data. Speed may become slow because of other running program’s auto upgrade system or lack of potential tools for speeding up the internet.

By disabling auto upgrade of various software’s you may gain extra speed. While for browsing various sites, a lot of add-ons are needed to view different contents. However, this type of add-ons slowdowns internet speed. You may gain speed by disabling the loading of unnecessary add-ons on your browsers. Different types of browsers are available in the market. You can choose any of the browsers among them. Recently Google Chrome is holding number-one position because of great speed any quick opening time than other browsers.

When you want to download a large file from any website, a perfect downloading tool is a must need. Internet Download manager serves the best download option for an easy download system. Furthermore, there are other download managers also existing in the market by different software providers.

Speed could be gained by using speed increasing tools such as internet speed booster and deleting unnecessary cache and cookies. Call your ISP and have them verify all of your TCP/IP settings if you are concerned. Ask them to verify that your proxy settings are correct. Upgrade your RAM by getting more and/or faster memory. This will not only improve your regular computer use, but it will affect the speed of your Internet connection because your computer works faster. Malware and other types of virus slowdowns internet speed. So an up-to-date antivirus or internet security (mostly recommended) is a must for decreasing such problems.

If you still feel that your internet speed remains slow, then you should reinstall the OS.

Author: tanna02