Install New Fonts in Microsoft Windows 7

In any operating system that exists (Microsoft or non-Microsoft), fonts play an important role as they allow users to view the texts that appear on their computer screens. Although, nowadays almost everything is graphically displayed, still every icon, symbol or any interface that is displayed on the computer screen has its caption (a text) that describes the object. Texts can be displayed on the computer screens only if the computers have fonts installed on them. If the fonts are absent, no text would be displayed whatsoever.

When a Microsoft Windows operating system is installed on a computer, several fonts are also installed along with it and these fonts help Windows display texts on the computer screens. When users install third-party applications that use different fonts, the applications automatically install their custom fonts to the Windows operating systems.

All fonts are installed/located in the ‘Fonts folder’ that is in ‘C:\Windows\Fonts’.

Why Fonts Must Be Installed Manually?

There might be times when users, especially the ones who are in designing business, want to design a brochure or something like that with a different look. A different look can be given to any newly designed object with the help of better graphics and the texts written in some uncommon font(s). When this is the case and the designing applications do not have the desired fonts, it becomes necessary for the administrators to download new fonts from the Internet and install them on the computers.

Since Fonts folder is located in the system drive, which is considered a secured location, administrative privileges are required to install new fonts. The process of installing new fonts is as simple as copying the fonts from their source locations and pasting them in the Fonts folder. Added font can be deleted by right-clicking the font in the Fonts folder and selecting ‘Delete’ option from the context menu. Font deletion process requires elevated privileges as well.

Installing a New Font

In order to add a new font on a Windows 7 computer, administrators must follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to Windows 7 computer with administrator account.
  2. Copy the desired font from its source location.
  3. Click Start, and from the menu click Computer.
  4. On the opened window, navigate and locate C:\Windows\Fonts folder.
  5. Once inside the folder, right click anywhere and from the context menu click Paste.
  6. Wait till the font is copied, and once done close the opened window.

    Install New Font

Author: Vivek Nayyar

Works as Systems Admin in Siskin Technologies, India. Corporate trainer on Microsoft and Cisco platform. Specialized in Virtualization Technology. LAN Consultant for some local organizations.