Google Drive all set to drive Google Docs

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Google Drive is finally here to join the bandwagon already populated by the heavy weights like, Drop Box, Sugar Sync, Mozy’s Stash, Apple’s iCloud, A Yandex, and SkyDrive. Very soon another giant Adobe would be joining the fray with its Creative Cloud. Like most of these products, Google Drive is a tool to store your files online and share with your colleagues, family and friends. Not only that these files could be accessible through various computing devices and platforms like Windows, Mac and Android. Very soon iOS will also join this club.

This tool comes with an installer, once you install it; a special Google Drive folder gets created on your computer. Now any file, you would move from your computing device to this special folder, will also get replicated online, ensuring efficient backup and possible sharing across wide range of computing device with the authorized users. So with the help of this tool, all your crucial and important data will always be available to you in real time. You would need no backups in secondary storage devices and those funny sights of people wearing pen drives like lockets would cease to a great extent.

But where Google Drive scores above all competitors is its seamless integration with services like Google docs, Gmail and Google+. There were lots of people who were already using Google docs to escape the tyranny of huge license fee, to be able to share the doc with other users in real time and collaborate a lot more dynamically and swiftly. Now Google Drive has become the face of the Google docs. So what difference is it going to make in the Google docs? Well the document list, which acted as file manager, would go away to make way for the Google Drive interface. But to the dismay of a regular Google docs user, files may get listed in a different order in the Google Drive than the regular Google docs sequence, where most recently used files figured at the top of the list. But there is a feature in the Google Drive called Recent, which can be availed by the Google doc’s addicted users.

Moreover a regular Docs user, in the longer run, would find its experience with Google docs a lot more enriching than it was with the classic Google docs. Now users can save images from the Google+ and attachments from the gmail into the Google Drive and all the files accessible through a single and beautiful interface.

So all those who think that Google drive can kill the Google docs should know that Google docs has just got a much needed shot in the arm, a wonderful enhancement in the scope and efficiency of this application, which is much required in this immensely competitive world.

Author: ucavik