Top 4 Software for Ubuntu Linux

When you start using Ubuntu, you will notice that there are literally hundreds of different applications available in the Software Center. However, choosing the most suitable applications can become a hectic task for beginners. So, if you are new to Ubuntu, here top four essential applications that every beginner should install:

Chromium Web Browser

If you want a fast web browser that does not even take too much memory, the Chromium web browser should be your first application. One thing you should understand is that the Chromium web browser is not very different from the Google Chrome project. Basically, Google Chrome is the rebranded version of Chromium Web Browser by Google. Therefore, there is hardly any difference between these two browsers. Just like Google Chrome, you can sign-in the browser and it will automatically synchronize your bookmarks, history and other browser settings.

VLC Player

When it comes to playing video of various formats, no other software can beat VLC Player. Just like the Windows operating system, VLC Player in Ubuntu Linux is considered one of the best video players. You can literally play any video file in VLC. Also, you can use the smart features of VLC Player to adjust the playback speed, synchronize the subtitles or even boost the volume above 100%.

GIMP Image Editor

Every computer user needs a decent image editing tool in his computer. So, GIMP in Ubuntu is one of those image editing tools that can help you edit your images easily. It is an advanced image editing application with numerous powerful features and tools. You can use this tool to remove red-eye from your pictures, fix the grains or sharpen the image.

Just like Adobe Photoshop, there are different varieties of filters and effects available in this software. You can take control of the layers, masks and color grading as well. In fact, if you want to send an edited image to your friend for Windows operating system, you can simply save your image file in the Photoshop format. The GIMP image editor can also be used for scanning or printing photos.


7-Zip is considered the best compression tool for Ubuntu. It is fast, powerful and extremely stable. Also, this application is easy to use and any beginner can use it without having any difficulties. On the other hand, it allows you to compress files or folders and save them in a number of different formats.

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