Installing Software in Ubuntu Linux 12.04

Most computer users that have never used Linux before can easily get confused with the software installation process in the latest version of Ubuntu. However, once you get familiar with the installation process, you will be able to install your favorite applications quickly on your computer. Unlike the windows operating system, almost all the Linux distributions use a software package management system. This management system makes it absolutely easy and quick to install your desired application by following just a few steps. Just like most of the Smartphones, it allows you to search your desired application from the software database.

Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center is the first place to start installing new applications in your Ubuntu 12.04 operating system. When you log-in to Ubuntu, you can easily spot it on the left side of your computer screen. If you are not sure which icon to click, just hover your mouse over the icons on the left hand side panel of your screen and you will easily be able to find it.

Once you click it, a window similar to this would appear:

At the top-right corner, you can search any software you want. If you do not know the name of the application you need, you can also browse through the categories mentioned at the left hand side panel.

To illustrate the process, we will install Chromium web browser on Ubuntu.

Step # 1

Click the “Ubuntu Software Center” icon and type “Chromium” in the top-right corner search box. You will see a list of software relevant to your keyword:

Step # 2

Now, click “Chromium Web Browser” and then click “Install”.

Step # 3

Once you click “Install”, you will get a dialogue box asking for a password for authentication.

Enter the password and click “Authenticate”. You will see that the installation will begin:

After the installation, you can see the icon of “Chromium Web Browser” in the left hand side panel.

For some reasons, if you cannot spot its icon in the left hand side panel, you can simply click the “Dash Home” icon at the top and type “Chromium” to find it easily.

Click its icon to start using it instantly.

In some cases, you may not be able to find your desired software in the database of the “Ubuntu Software Center”. In such cases, you may have to download a .deb file to install an application manually on your computer. All you need to do is download .deb installation file of your desired software and double-click on it. It will start in “Ubuntu Software Center” by default and you can easily follow the instructions mentioned previously.

So, these are the simple steps that will help you get started with the Linux. After installing a few applications, you will also feel pretty comfortable with the Linux environment.

Author: zealous.zaryab