Rename Multiple Images At Once in Microsoft Windows 7

In today’s digital world it is likely that users have cell phones with built-in cameras. Gone are the days when people used to purchase cameras that were manually operated and required cartridges in order to capture the snaps. Today cameras do not require cartridges and the captured images are digitally stored in the memories. Even if people do not prefer using or do not have mobile cameras, they still have digital cameras with them that are capable of capturing decent quality images (technically known as High Definition or HD images) without even having the cartridges in them. In other words, even digital cameras store images in digital format.

Because of these conveniences, people never hesitate to take images of every step and moment that they enjoy or they think are memorable for them. This results in having several digital images stored in storage areas of the devices. As far as capturing images and storing them is concerned, in today’s era it is not at all a big deal, however when it comes to recognizing the images, they must have appropriate naming convention so that they can be identified easily and at a single glance.

Naming Conventions and Renaming Challenges

When the images are captured using integrated cameras of cell phones or digital cameras, the devices automatically assign names to the captured images according to the vendor specific naming conventions along with the dates and times at which the images were captured. This is the default naming convention of almost every camera nowadays. However this naming convention may not be adequate for many users as they might find it difficult to identify their desired images if they ever want to view them.

If the captured images are limited in numbers, they can easily be renamed one by one. The problem arises when there are several images that are to be renamed. In such situations renaming every image individually can be quite tedious and extensively time taking task. Microsoft understands this problem and therefore it has developed Windows 7 in a way by which users can rename multiple images in a single go.

Renaming the Images

In order to rename multiple images in a single go, users must follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to the Windows 7 computer with any account.
  2. Navigate and locate the folder where all the images are stored, and once located press Ctrl + A keys together to select all the images at once.
  3. Once selected, right click the first image and from the context menu, click Rename.
  4. In the editable name filed, type a common and sensible name for all the images (for example Picnic Images) and press Enter key.

    Rename Multiple Images

  5. All the selected images will be renamed instantaneously according to the assigned naming convention followed by numerical digits in ascending order. (For this example they will be renamed as Picnic Images (1), Picnic Images (2), and so on.)
Author: Vivek Nayyar

Works as Systems Admin in Siskin Technologies, India. Corporate trainer on Microsoft and Cisco platform. Specialized in Virtualization Technology. LAN Consultant for some local organizations.