How to Access Process/Task Manager in Ubuntu Linux

If you are new to Ubuntu Linux, you may not be aware of all the amazing functionalities and features that this operating system possesses. For instance, if you think Ubuntu Linux lacks a task manager, you are wrong. Just like the Windows operating system, Ubuntu Linux has a very handy tool to manage different processes running on your system.

But, Wait! You may have tried pressing the key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” in Ubuntu Linux, but nothing happens. Basically, there is a different way to access the process manager in your Ubuntu operating system.

To access the process manager, click “Dash Home” icon on the left hand side panel and type “System Monitor”. As soon as you are done typing, “System Monitor” icon will appear.

Click the icon and you will see a similar screen like the Windows Task Manager.

If you do not see the process list, make sure you have clicked the “Processes” tab. Now, just like the Windows operating system, you can simply click any process that you want to end and click “End Process”. You can also kill any process by right clicking a process and then left “Kill”.

Nevertheless, if it looks like a long boring method of bringing the process manager, you can simply use the shortcut just like the Windows operating system. For doing so, click “System Settings” on the left hand side panel and click “Keyboard”.

After that, click “Shortcuts” at the top and then click “Custom Shortcuts” from the menu at the left hand side.

Click the “+” button. Now, you will be asked to enter a name and a command for the new customer shortcut key. Enter the name “End Task” or any other name that you may like along with this command:

gnome-system-monitor -p

Click “Apply”. You will see that there is a text “Disabled” written against the new entry that you have just created. So, click “Disabled” and it will immediately turn into “New Accelerator”. Now is the time to assign any combination of keys to the process manager in Ubuntu Linux. For instance, you can assign the ever so popular “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” combination to the process manager. You will see that the newly assigned key combination is now visible next to the newly created entry.

That’s it! You can now press Ctrl, Alt & Delete altogether to access the process manager in Ubuntu Linux.

Author: zealous.zaryab