Winamp for Android – App Review

Winamp is an ever so popular music popular that has been around on the computer systems since 1997. It was the first fancy music player that most computer users used in that era. However, it was later on replaced by the likes of iTunes, YouTube and other music playing tools.
Nevertheless, Winamp came back strongly in the Smart Phone industry and competed as one of the best media players for Android. Winamp for android is now available in the Google Play Store with new and exciting features. After its release, it became the first choice for all music lovers almost instantly. The solid functionality and helpful features make it stand out among its competitors.

Winamp may not have the smartest or advanced look, but it certainly promises to deliver all the goods to music lovers. When you install Winamp on your Android device, the first thing you will notice is a pretty simple and basic home screen.

Winamp Home Screen

As you can see, the menu is simple, but very user-friendly. You can select “Songs” to get all the songs on your Android device in the playlist. You can find songs by artist name, album name or genre. Similarly, you can even listen to your favorite songs via Shoutcast radio. All you need to do is select Shoutcast and search your favorite song or select “All Genres” to browse through a list of genres of your choice.

Shoutcast Genre Selection

Here is a screenshot of playing a song via Shoutcast

Playing Song Via Shoutcast

You can even search and download free music directly from the player via Spinner or Full CD listening party.

Free Music


A screenshot of available songs and albums via Full CD Listening Party

Playing “Long Night of Life Feat.Merz” via Full CD Listening Party

The best part of this great media player application is its ability to synchronize with your computer without using any USB cable. You can simply go into the settings and check “Enable Wireless Sync”. So, when you have a WiFi network in your home, you can synchronize your music over the WiFi connectivity without any hassles.

WiFi Sync Settings

On the other hand, the design of this application is so smart that you can access the playlist at any time. There is a playlist button at the bottom left of the player. Thus, when you need to see your playlist, just click this button.

Playlist Button

Similarly, there is a home screen button at the bottom right of the player. This button allows you to get back to the home screen of your player anytime you want.

Homescreen Button

All in all, if you are seeking for a replacement application for your stock music player, Winamp can be the ultimate choice. It is easy to use with smart functionalities and features for all the music lovers.

Author: zealous.zaryab