Choose proper applications to make your iPhone faster

To say about one of the latest member of the smart phone world, then the name of iPhone comes into the mind. It is also a pricier phone among many other communicating devices, but if you do not get fast services from your iPhone certainly you will be disappointed. Hence, some tips have been given here to keep your phone faster.

Some tips to keep your iPhone faster:

When you will choose any stuff to run on your iPhone, be sure that it will run properly on your iPhone. You can be informed about the performance of the stuff by reading the users’ reviews. You can also ask the experts to know about the stuff through different websites or forums. Many of the application developers allow a free period for testing the stuff. If there is such opportunity, then take that chance. If you see that it is going well then you can purchase the item, otherwise not.

Next thing you should remember that updated applications provide better and faster service. Always keep the applications updated. Updated versions always fix previous problems and come with better features. Restoring can also provide good result. Some users have got good results after restoring their iPhones every 5 to 8 months.

iPhones come with larger storing space than many other similar category devices. However, you should be aware that, an iPhone with excessive load in memory will run slower. Hence, avoid loading your device with unnecessary apps or things like videos and audios. If there are applications which you are not using for months and no chance to use in future, then it is wise to remove that application from your iPhone. This will help to boost up the performance of your phone.

Don’t run too many apps simultaneously. Certainly it will make the device slower. It will also let the battery die earlier. Hence, don’t run any unnecessary stuff when you are running any important application to perform an official contact or business task.

The iPhone may not achieve proper speed due to faulty mobile carriers. The mobile carriers which are lacking behind the 3G network will cause slower performance to the iPhone. Therefore, choose the carrier which will best suit with your phone.

When an app does not work properly, there are features to send error reports to the manufacturers or developers. The iPhone can send error reports constantly. This may slow down your iPhone. Set the error sending options to “Don’t Send” to deactivate that feature. However, if you want to send the error reports then keep this feature active.

To make the phone faster disable the Diagnostic Data Sending feature. Connect your phone to the computer and open the iTunes. Then selecting the iPhone uncheck the box “Automatically synch….”. Now unplug the phone and plug it again, then select iPhone and then “Reset Warnings”. Synch the phone; when the message will appear select the “Don’t Send”. This will help you to keep your phone faster.

Author: SalimuddinSultan

Syed Ahmed Salimuddin Sultan is a Computer Science graduate. He has written many technical articles on different sites.