Make your Office Database more functional by using SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint was launched in the year of 2001 as a web-application platform. It is associated with document management and web content management, and recent versions have more facilities. SharePoint includes many multi-purpose web technologies; these technologies are very helpful for most of the organizations. About eighty percent of Fortune500 companies use SharePoint. According to a report – between the period of 2006 and 2011, more than 36.5 million licenses have been sold by Microsoft.

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Most of the database users are familiar with MS Access software. It comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. You need not to pay any additional cost for this program. An important advantage of this software is that – users who are familiar with Windows operating system and other Office programs can easily operate this software. Besides, new users can learn about this database software from the Microsoft tutorial site for free.

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Microsoft Access and Microsoft SharePoint:

Both of the software have their own advantages. You can achieve more facilities by integrating these two. You can easily move data from the Access database to the SharePoint site. You can publish the database to the SharePoint site. Through SharePoint you can open reports and forms from your Access database. By using Access you can open SharePoint lists; and SharePoint lists can be imported into your Access database.

All the above features help you and your organization to manage and use your database more efficiently and fruitfully. When a certain database is moved, a new application is created by Access. The wizard “Move to SharePoint” helps in moving data from the tables. After creating the SharePoint lists, users can work both from the SharePoint site and Access database. The administrator can manage permission.

When a person publishes his database to the server; if it is the first time, then Access will provide a web-servers list. This will make the navigation task easier just like a document library. People who have permission can work on the database through the SharePoint site. It is certainly an excellent benefit. Employees or users will just need the internet connection; they can work from any place or any country. It significantly broadens the work area. You can also work offline; afterward you can synchronize the changes.

You can Integrate and Manage Data:

Using SharePoint you can allow some groups for full editing, or you can deny certain users. You can also limit access to a few items. If necessary the version history can be viewed or a previous version can be recovered. Sometimes, you or any other user can delete a certain item accidentally. In such cases, you can view the deleted item by using the recycle-bin feature on the SharePoint site. You will also get improved performance and enhanced mapping form these programs.

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