Google Chrome has proved itself as one of the fastest browsers

When any question about browsers arrives – some common names come into the mind, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and nowadays Google Chrome. Though Google Chrome is a new comer, it has taken first place among many other renowned browsers. Public stable version of this browser was released on 11th December 2008. It grabbed internet-users’ attention from the very beginning. Just within a few years most of the internet users started to use it. According to a report, till May 2012, about one third of the worldwide usage of browsers was Google Chrome.

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Site loading test:

There is another interesting report for the Google Chrome users. A test was done among the renowned browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox versions. This news was published on a Web-applications website on 5th April, 2012. In the test, real user performance was taken into consideration. Viewing about 750 million pages per day, the test result showed that Chrome is the fastest browser on Mac without any doubt. In the Windows environment, it has also achieved stunning position. None of the browser versions including IE10 were able to overcome the speed of Google Chrome except the IE9.

There is another interesting report for the Google Chrome users. This news was published on 31st March 2009 on the famous computer web magazine PCWorld. A test was done to verify which browser provides the fastest service. Four widely used browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome were taken into the test. All these four authorities were claiming their products as the fastest one. In the test, Chrome took only 1.3 seconds to load the test sites; whereas IE 8 took about 1.9 seconds, Firefox and Safari took 2.12 seconds. Google Chrome proved itself as the fastest one.

What makes it faster:

The aim of Google Chrome is to make it simple, fast, and secure. Its strength is improved for its JavaScript processing speed and application performance. Both of these features have been tested by multiple websites. The Graphical User Interface or GUI of this browser is a prominent feature which was announced by many other browser developers, but it was first released by Google. They successfully merged the search bar and the address bar, now it is named as the Omnibox.

The first version of this browser passed the Acid 1 test as well as Acid 2 test successfully, and the version 4.0 passed the Acid 3 test successfully. Just not these tests, Chrome passed many other tests successfully and proved itself as the best among many other renowned browsers. When dealing with Google services like Gmail or Google Search, it does not use the HTTP protocol rather than it uses the SPDY protocol. This protocol is faster than the HTTP protocol. The name SPDY has come from the word “speedy”. SPDY is a Google trademark. Its goal is to reduce the loading time of the web pages.

In the field of security Google has added many powerful features to this browser. Chrome updates its anti-phishing and anti-malware features periodically. These features warn the users when they try to browse any harmful site. The activities on one tab will not be affected by the activities on other tabs. Google authority is continuously trying to improve its features and make it faster. The most attractive news for the internet users is that they can get all these lucrative features for free. Interested people can visit Wikipedia to know more about this amazing browser.

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