iPhone 5 and the expected features

The smart-phone users are eagerly waiting for the next release of iPhone. Though many people were expecting the 5-version in 2011, but it was not released. According to the news published in 2012 on techradar.com, the iPhone 5 can be released at the end of this year 2012. The new version will come with a new design. Among many of the expected features that will increase the speed and functionality of the phone, some are stated here.

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Quad core processor:

There is a great chance that the iPhone 5 will come with quad core processors. In this type of processor multi-core technology has been used, and two dual core dies are there in the quad core processor. Apple is also thinking about a low power version of that processor. To support the processor 1 GB RAM can be used. The combination of the processor and RAM seems right to many analysts.

iPhone 5 may come with 4G support:

In the United States, already many 4G handsets have been announced. New iPad has come with 4G support, hence it is widely expected that the next version of iPhone will support 4G. According to a report of the Wall-Street-Journal, Apple is working to develop a new model of fifth-generation iPhone.

It may include a 4-inch screen:

In the next version of the iPhone a larger screen may be included. It has been reported by various sources. Some reports also showed that it might be a 4.6-inch retina-display. A bigger screen will provide easier reading. However, it will need more power to operate the screen. Hence, a bigger or more powerful battery will be needed.

Near Field Communication:

The future version may include Near Field Communication or NFC technology which will turn the iPhone more flexible to mobile payment. They may feature Google Wallet on their new iPhones. This information was disclosed by a developer who is well connected with Apple iOS engineers who are working on NFC. Those who are looking for an alternative to card payments will be certainly benefited from that NFC compatible phone.

The Camera:

For the versions of 4 and 4S, cameras are made by Sony. According to a Sony official, Sony delivers their best sensors to them. According to sources, the new iPhone may come with 8MP camera. It is also reported that there may be also a HD-front-facing-camera. Already Sony announced that they had developed new CMOS image sensors.

The above features are being expected to be used in the next iPhone version. However, after the actual release people will see what features have been added. To assume about the price (comparing to the price of 4S at the time of its release) it can be said that it will similar to the 4S price or slightly higher, but the taxes will make it pricier.

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Author: SalimuddinSultan

Syed Ahmed Salimuddin Sultan is a Computer Science graduate. He has written many technical articles on different sites.